The Willoughbys

Timeline created by Henry P.
In Film
  • Coal Bin

    Coal Bin
    Tim gets thrown into the coal box just for wanting food. The Barnaby's and Jane are his siblings and they want him out.
  • Baby

    Jane finds a baby outside. The baby is crazy!
  • Kicked Out

    Kicked Out
    The kids get kicked out until they get the baby out of the parent's sight.
  • Abandonment

    They drop off "Ruth" at a candy factory and go back home.
  • Best Idea Ever

    Best Idea Ever
    They make a brochure making the parents go to places intended to kill them. (I know, it's dark) It was a success.
  • Nanny

    The parents get a nanny for them and Jane loves her but Tim and the Barnabies get a chilly reception from her.
  • Ruth Returns

    Ruth Returns
    The kids and Nanny go to the candy factory and save the baby from getting a sugar crash.
  • Fail

    The parents dodge every single obstacle.
  • Frozen!

    The parents are at the top of the most dangerous mountain and become frozen but their kiss keeps that bit warm. Oh no! (Climax)
  • The End

    The End
    The Willoughby's save the parents but they still neglect them! They go away and then the kids get frozen. The next day the candy factory owner and the nanny save them and live happily ever after.