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The Voice Of A God - A Steven Tyler Summary

  • Steven Tyler Was Born

    Steven Tyler Was Born
    Steven Tyler was born at the polyclinic hospital in the Bronx , New York to parents Susan and victor A. Tallarico. shortly after moved to Yonkers , New York.
  • Period: to

    Early years

    the early years of his career to include his bands success and falls
  • Steven would hide in piano

    Steven would hide in piano
    Steven Tyler would hide inside of his fathers piano wait for his father to play and then proceed to listen to the acoustics as they were very strong from inside the piano.
  • Would sing at church

    Would sing at church
    would sing in the church choir every sunday morning. Started to get really into singing and being the lead in the choir helped give him his leadershio traits.
  • Would play shows with family

    Would play shows with family
    Would play shows with his family every sunday night to people who stayed in the house. They ran an inn so there were always lots of people to play to. Began his obsession with vocal abilities.
  • Started playing drums

    Started playing drums
    Started to play drums during the summer. When it came to the sunday night shows he would play drums instead of sing. Started to become serious and technical about his drumming and would save up to take lessons whenever he could.
  • Found inspiration in music

    Found inspiration in music
    Started to listen to the Animals , The Yardbirds , Janis Joplin , and The Rolling Stones. These bands helped give him the inspiration he needed to successfully devote his life to music and perfection.
  • Started to do drugs for inspiration

    Started to do drugs for inspiration
    Started doing drugs like speed and meth to gaina higher sense for his music, would doing "speed" while listening to music to get a better inspiration to write his own music , this would later spiral into a full blown addiction that would seem impossible to kick.
  • The Strangers began

    The Strangers began
    Steven Tylers band the Strangers started up and quickly began getting gigs and becoming known all around Yonkers. Shortly afetr they had to change there name to the strangeurs due to copyright reasons.
  • The Strangeurs no more!

    The Strangeurs no more!
    The Strangeurs was still having problems with copyright so the eventually changed there name to Chain Reaction to stop anybody from trying to sue them.
  • As soon as it began it was over and reborn.

    As soon as it began it was over and reborn.
    The Strangeurs disbanded due to members finding other work , but shortly after Steven found new members and started a whole new band called William Proud.
  • And again they fall

    And again they fall
    Didnt take long for members of William Proud to leave due to Stevens control issues but shortly after he started yet another band this one named Fox Chase.
  • Meeting your soul mate

    Meeting your soul mate
    Steven met joe perry at a concert and they instantly connected. They became attached they did everything together and shortly after the concert steven calle up joe and said we should start a band. Shortly after stevem moved from Yonkers to boston to be with Joe Perry and a few of there friends and had plans to start a band.
  • Band formed with Joe Perry

    Band formed with Joe Perry
    Shortly after meeting Joe Perry and making plans to start a band the dream had come true they had started a band the called "Aerosmith". They were getting a pretty good amount of gigs for just a starter up band because of Stevens already popular reputation from all his other bands.
  • And it started to fall

    And it started to fall
    Not long after starting up the band they were suddenly out of gigs and money and were slowly falling down to nothing , but just when they thought they were down and out a man alled frank Connolly appeared at a gig and saw there talent and helped them back up a bit.
  • Logo designed

    Logo designed
    They needed a logo design so that everyone would be able to recognize them as a true band on there way to stardom , after a few faulty designs and descisions they aerosmith wings were born and from then on anything aerosmith had those wings.
  • And it finally happened

    And it finally happened
    They started to get plenty of giigs , and after playing an important gig in front of many record executives one of them Clive Davis told them they would be great stars soon. After Clive thought about it and came to a descision a few days later he called up amerosmith and later that day Aerosmith was signed to Columbia records , and there journey of stardom has just started.