The Veldt

  • Exposition

    George and Lydia, the parents, notice that something is wrong with the nursery that their childern, Wendy and Peter, play in.
  • George and Lydia Talk About the Nursery

    Geroge and Lydia talk about having a pyschologist come and look at the nursery because something is "wrong with it". They live in a Happylife Home, which is a house that does everything for you, and the nursery is a playroom that creates a virtal world for you based on your imagination.
  • Rising Action

    The rising action starts when the parents go into the nursery, and ends when the parents turn off the nursery and the kids freak out.
  • The Nursery

    They go to look at the nursery and they see it is an African veldt, and the lions are eating an unknown animal.
  • Turning Off The House?

    Lydia decides she wants to turn off the house because the nursery made her realize that they could not do anything for themselves, and it is making them nervous. So she wanted to turn the whole house off to get away and do things without technology.
  • The Nursery is Broken?

    George goes into the room and realizes he cant change the vedlt into something else. Then the childern come home from the fair and they change it without the Dad knowing, and the parents get supicous, and he locks the door to the nursery.
  • Children Breaking In

    The children broke into the nursery in the middle of the night and changed it back to Africa, and then the parents called the psychologist.
  • Africa and Variety

    The father wants the children to put other things in the nursery other than Africa or he will turn the house off for a month. Peter threatens George and George gets angry.
  • The Psychologist is Here

    The pychologist arrives and they check out the nursery. As they are walking towards the nursery they here the familiar screams of something being eaten. The pyschologist wants the nursery torn down and have the children come in everyday for a year.
  • Climax

    The room is turned off, the children are in hysterics, and then it happens.
  • Hysterics

    The children are upset that the nursery is being turned off for good, and they are temporarily turning off the house to get a fresh start.
  • One More Minute

    The children get one minute in the nursery while the parents pack to go on a no technolgy vacation, before the nursery is turned off forever.
  • Familiar Screams

    The parents go to find the kids and the children lock them in the room with the African lions. The parents scream and then they realize that they screaming they hurt was their own. So the children were imagining their parents death over and over.
  • Falling Action

    The falling action is short.
  • The Psychologist is Back

    The psychologist is back to take the family to Iowa, and wonders where the parents are, not knowing they are dead.
  • Resolution

    The resolution is short as well and is only a few sentences long.
  • The Kids Lie One Last Time

    The kids tell the psychologist that the parents will be here shortly even though they are dead. They also end the story with having a pinic and offering tea to the psychologist.