The Veldt

  • Exposition

    Exposition- George Hadley introduced
    - something is wrong with the nursery
    - Lydia Hadley is his wife
    - They like to spoil their children
    - The nursery was transformed into an african veldt
    - Lions eating something and scream was heard
    - parents are almost attacked but george thinks it wasn't real
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    - Wendy and Peter are the kids
    - Mother is afraid of the nursery
    - Parents want to lock nursery for a few days and go on vacation
    - House is mechanical and does everything for them
    - children were imagining death
    - nursery had been african veldt for a month
    - room would not change for George, only children
    - children come home and parents demand answers
    - George finds his wallet chewed on in the nursery
  • Rising action cont.

    Rising Action- Children started acting strange when they were denied something they wanted
    - David McClean is introduced as the psychologist
    - They hear two screams from the room "They sound familiar"
    - Peter is questioning authority of father
    - Peter depends on technology and does not want to give it up
    - Peter threatens his father if he shuts down the nursery
    - McClean looks at the nursery to determin what is wrong with the children
    - McClean feels the nursery is bad and should be taken down
  • Rising action cont #2

    Rising Action- House has replaced parents in their children's affection
    - They need to start new to fix things
    - Psychologist believes lions can not become real
    - They finally shut off the nursery
  • Climax

    Climax- Children crying, screaming and mad at parents
    - Lydia suggest they give the children one more minute
    - Peter begged the house to help and told his father he hates him
    - "I wish you were dead"
    - McClean will come back soon
    - Mother leaves them alone in the nursery
    - Children call the parents into the empty nursery
    - Peter and Wendy trap parents in the nursery
    - Mr. & Mrs. Hadley attacked by lions and finally realize why the screams sound familiar
  • Falling action

    Falling Action- Parents are dead
    - McClean arrives
    - Children say their parents will arrive soon
    - Psychologist realizes that something is wrong
  • Resolution

    ResolutionThe children kill their parents and finally get what they wanted. David McClean is also left with paranoia