The Unification of China

  • Period: 200 to

    200 BC- 600 BC

  • 202

    202 BC: The Fall of the Qin

    By 202 BC, the Qin Dynasty gave way to the Han Dynasty, which occured to be one of the longest in Chinese History.
  • 210

    200th century BC: The Great Wall of China is built

    The Great Wall of China was built under the regin of Shi Huangdi. He decided to close the gaps of the small walls that were built by the Zhou rulers to discourage attacks from northern nomads. If Shi closed the gaps, this means that warriors would have to gallop halfway to Tibet to get around the wall.
  • 221

    221 BC: Qin Dynasty Takes Control

    After the Zhou Dynasty declined, the Qin Dynasty took over. In 221 BC Shi Huangdi began his reign by halting internal battles that had sapped China's strength
  • 551

    551 BC: Confucious is Born

    Confucious was China's most influential scholar. He lived in the time of the Zhou Dynasty's decline. He led a scholarly life, studying and teaching history, music, and moral character
  • Oct 1, 601

    Sixth Century BC: Laozi Develops Daoism

    Daoism is the philosophy based on the ideas of the Chinese thinkiner, Laozi. He taught that people should be guided by a universal force called the Dao (way)