The TV

By egaines
  • The First TV

    The First TV
  • The First TV remote

    The First TV remote
    The first tv remote was invented in 1950. It was called the Adler remote
  • The First Cartoon

    The first cartoon aired in 1954. It was the donald duck show.
  • The Beautiful Invention of MTV

    The Beautiful Invention of MTV
    MTV was invented in 1981
  • The first Super Bowl on TV

    The first super bowl aired in 1967
  • SNL

    The popular show Saturday Night Live first aired in 1973
  • The Flinstones

    The Flinstones
    The flintstones first aired in 1960
  • A star is born

    A star is born
    The silent movie star charlie chaplin is born in 1889
  • the big screen tv

    is invented in the 80's
  • the tv is modernized

    tv signals in both digital and analog formats, in 2006