The Trojan War

  • The Judgement of Paris

    The Judgement of Paris
    Paris had to decide who was the most beautiful goddess- Aphrodite, Hera, or Athena. Aphrodite told Paris that the fairest woman in the entire world would be his if he chose her. Paris chose Aphrodite.
  • Helen's marriage

    Helen's marriage
    Helen was the most beautiful woman in the world and was given to Paris by Aphrodite. Helen's father, however, chose Menelaus to marry Helen.
  • Paris takes Helen away

    Paris went to Menelaus and Helen's home and while Menelaus was gone, Paris took Helen away.
  • Menelaus calls the Greeks

    Menelaus calls the Greeks
    Menelaus called the Greeks for help and they go to Troy to get Helen back. 1000 ships take the army of strong Greeks to the city of Troy.
  • Chryseis

    Chryseis was carried off by the Greeks and given to Agamemnon. Her father prayed to Apollo. Apollo shot fiery arrows upon the Greek army and many died.
  • Ares joins the war

    Ares fought with Hector and the Trojans
  • Diomedes ordered the Greeks to fall back

    After Ares joins the war with the Trojans, Diomedes ordered the Greeks to call back.
  • Zeus decided to help the Trojans

    With Zeus' help, the Trojans almost drive the Greeks back to their ships.
  • Ajax defeats Hector

    Ajax kills one of the Greeks greatest fighters, Hector. Now the Greeks can drive back the Trojans. Hera blamed this loss on Posidon.
  • Iris tells Poseidon to stop helping the Greeks

    After this, the Trojans can push the Greeks back.
  • Apollo revives Hector

    Bringing Hector back pushed the Greeks all the way to their ships.
  • Achilles finally agrees to fight

    After his friend, Patrocius, dies Achilles agrees to fight. He was a strong fighting force for the Greeks.
  • Achilles kills Hector

    Achilles kills Hector, but then he abuses Hector's dead body and this angered the Gods, especially Zeus.
  • Paris & Apollo killed Achilles

    Paris & Apollo killed Achilles
    Paris shot an arrow and Apollo guided it to his foot, which was the only place Achilles could be wounded. This was the death of Achilles.
  • Ajax kills himself.

    After Achilles dies, his armore went to Odysseus. This enraged Ajax and he killed himself.
  • Greeks stole bows & arrows from Hercules

    After this, Paris died.
  • The horse

    The horse
    A hollow, wooden horse was mad so that the entire Greek army could get into Troy secretly.
  • The Greeks attack

    The Trojans took the horse to Athena's temple. In the middle of the night, the Greeks attacked.
  • Achilles' son kills King Priam

    While Troy is burning and everyone is fighting, Achilles' son kills King Priam.
  • Aphrodite saves Helen

    Aphrodite took Helen from Troy and returned her to Menelaus.
  • The end of Troy

    Troy was left in ruins. The city had burned and Aeneas was the only Trojan chief to escape.