The Timeline of DOOM

  • Gabrielle Grace Langer is born

    Fun Fact: I was born exactly a year after my older sister, Madeline.
  • Gabby moves to Big Lake, Minnesota

    I'm not really sure when we moved there :/
  • Valerie Faith Langer is born

    Valerie (Val for short) is my younger sister.
  • Me and my family move back to Royalton, Minnesota

  • Started piano

    I've been playing like a boss ever since, :D
  • Learn to ride a two-wheeler bike

  • Valley Fair (First Time)

  • Got braces

  • Me and my sisters watch the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender

    This was soo awesome. :D
  • Death of my uncle, Brad Lemke

    This is the main resaon why I moved to Grand Rapids.
  • Me and my family moved to Grand Rapids

  • Goes to new school, St. Joseph's Catholic School

  • Trip to Disney World

  • Goes to Twin's Game for D.A.R.E.

    It was Target field opening day too. ;)
  • Valley Fair (Second time)

  • Long Lake Field Trip

    Long Lake Field Trip
  • 6th Grade field trip to Cities

  • 6th Grade Graduation

    6th Grade Graduation
  • Got a Facebook :D

  • POP (Peices of Puzzle) Camp

    POP  (Peices of Puzzle) Camp
  • Annie and Nate's Wedding

    FYI, Annie's my aunt, Nate's my uncle.
  • First day of middle school

    All I really remember was that my locker was getting constantly jammed. :P
  • Made this timeline :)