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The Timeline of Brandon Yates

  • Birth

    I was born at 11:09 P.M. on January 31, 1994.
  • Tonsillectomy

    I had my tonsils removed.
  • Baseball Career Began

    Baseball Career Began
    I started playing baseball, the sport I've now played for 14 years. I had to be 4 years old by February 1. I made the deadline by one day.
  • School Career Began

    School Career Began
    I began my school career at Audubon Traditional Elementary.
  • Cellulitis

    I came down with a rare disease called Cellulitis. I couldn't eat for four days, including Thanksgiving.
  • Audubon Graduation

    Audubon Graduation
    I graduated from Audubon Traditional Elementary.

    I started my first day of Middle School at JCTMS.
  • JCTMS Graduation

    JCTMS Graduation
    I graudated from JCTMS.
  • Louisville Male High School

    Louisville Male High School
    I became a freshman at Louisville Male High School.
  • Elbow Surgery

    Elbow Surgery
    I had surgery on the olecranon in my left elbow. A four inch titanium screw was permanently inserted there.
  • Steak 'n Shake

    Steak 'n Shake
    I started my first day of working at Steak 'n Shake.
  • Appendectomy

    I had an appendicitis during the first day of Male/Manual week and had an appendectomy later that night.
  • Varsity Baseball

    Varsity Baseball
    Fourteen years finally paid off and I made the varsity baseball team.
  • Ring Ceremony

    Ring Ceremony
    I received my class ring at the junior ring ceremony.
  • Atlanta Braves

    Atlanta Braves
    My father and I took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to watch my favorite sports team, the Atlanta Braves, play two games in two nights.
  • University of Kentucky

    University of Kentucky
    I was accepted into the University of Kentucky.
  • Tattoo

    I turned 18 and went and got a tattoo.
  • Spring Break

    Spring Break
    I took my first out of town spring break trip to Charleston, South Carolina with the baseball team. We went 4 and 1, and came in 3rd place out of 28 teams.
    Click here for our semi-final loss to Ashley Ridge
  • Graduation

    I will conclude my high school career, graduating from Louisville Male High School.