The time of my Life

Timeline created by Dayse
  • Birth

  • Blessing Day

  • Dislocated arm

  • Sister Jennifer got married

  • First Niece!

    Katarina Sarah Eames
  • Kindergarten

  • Bradley left on his mission

  • Baptism

  • First Day of third grade

  • 9-11 attack

    I was in third grade. We did patriotic things all day. Ms. Fredin was my teacher.
  • Mom's surgery

    Gallblatter removed. We went to Brigadoon while she was in the hospital
  • The Day of Celebration

    I was in the world record number choir conducted by Kelly Dehan. We preformed at the Rice Eccles Stadium
  • Alan left on his mission

    Kiev, Ukraine Mission
  • Braces

    I ate pasta when I got home before my teeth started to hurt
  • Theatre Conference

    My first UTA. Just one day. At Westminster College and The University of Utah
  • Beehive House

    Last Beehive activity. I BEGGED to go here. Finally did. :)
  • East Canyon Music Camp

    Rehearsed all month. Went to the Resort for two days and had a concert. I played in band and Jazz Band. Rehearsed at Olympus Jr. High
  • Alan came home!

    I was at Oakcrest and didn't see him until the night of the 27th.
  • First Day of ninth grade

    Matheson Jr. High
  • First day of High School

    Hunter High School
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

    Became friends with Kait Stevens, Kyle Nay, Joseph Gandy, Josh Short, and Emily Wells
  • Juvie

    Gang member named June
  • Theatre Conference

    Weber State University
    went from the 29-31
  • Get Smart

    Preformed the 19, 20, and 23
    Travis Leatham and Daniel Gandy directors
  • 16th Birthday Party

    Jen planned it. It was at the OBT. We watched the improv show. Then the girls slept over at Jen's house
  • Cyrano De Bergerac

    I played a Maiden, but I was sick the first two preformances.
    Mar. 31, April 1, and April 2
    Director: Alexa Jordan
  • State Drama Festival

    Comedic Monologue.
    "Confessions of a Serial Girlfriend"
  • Senior Ball

    I went with Kyle Nay
  • Is He Dead?

    18, 19, and 20
    Madame Caron
    Director: Joanna Noall
  • First Voice Lesson

    Janet Jordan
  • White Christmas

    I played Judy Haynes
    19, 20, 23
    Director: Barbara Fields
  • Theatre Conference

    21,22, and 23
    Utah Valley University
  • Junior Prom

    Masquerade with Michael Crowther
  • Zap!

    25th and 26th
  • It was a Dark and Stormy Night

    29th, 30th, and May 3rd
    Director: Kayla Arrington
    I played Dorothy Blake
  • Drama Club Awards

    Mrs. Fields awarded me with Best Actress, even though she usually gives it to a Senior
  • ACT Test

    worst. day.
  • Bye Bye Birdie

    Directed by Kjersti Parkes
    I played Mrs. Peterson
  • Arsenic and Old Lace

    April 1 and April 4
  • Into the Woods

    We preformed the 8 throught the 10, but my preformance was on the 10th. I was Jack. So was Cheryl Cripps and Alex Post
  • Graduation!

  • Brother got married

    Steven Wendell Day and Erica Leslie Jackson
  • College Move in Day

  • Haunted Romance

    october 28, 29, and 31
    Directed by Omar and Lori Hansen
    The Romacne Theatre on Main Street in Rexburg
    I played a girl named Suzie and I did a monologue.
  • Sister got Married

    Melissa Jane Day to Steven Grant Carmean
  • Period: to


    My first Youth Conference. My Ma and Pa were Kristy and Wayne Collard. We were family #1 in the yellow company.
  • Period: to

    Oakcrest 2nd year

    My counselor was Tiara. I buddied with Kaitlyn Fallentine
  • Period: to

    San Diego Tour!

  • Period: to

    New York Trip!