The "Ten Year Plan"

Timeline created by gavinator2
  • The Pull-Outs

    The Pull-Outs
    On July 2, 1012, the President will announce that there will be a total pull out of soldiers in the Middle East throughout the next two years. The President will also say that Operation Teach Middle East is now in effect.
  • The last of the Pull-Outs

    By July 5, 2014, every U.S. troop will be out of the Middle East, but what the Middle East doesn't know is that we have set up a secret underground base of operations in Israel. While this is happening the second step of Operation Teach Middle East will be in effect. While the last of our troops are being pulled out, the soldiers of the Middle Eastern countries that qualified for the program, along with their families, will be brought back to the U.S. to train.
  • Operation Boot Stomp

    Operation Boot Stomp
    By May 2, 2015 Operation Boot Stomp will be in full swing.
  • End of Operation Boot Stomp

    End of Operation Boot Stomp
    Starting on June 5, 2018, all of the Special Forces soldiers will be pulled back to get ready to implement the soldiers and their families back into their native country.
  • The end of Operation Teach Middle East

    The end of Operation Teach Middle East
    After the foreign soldiers have been training in the U.S. for four years, in July of 2018, the soldiers and their families will be sent back to their original countries to start fighting the War on Terror for themselves and to tell the citizens of their home countries about the way the U.S. actually is.
  • The end of the "Ten Year Plan"

    The end of the "Ten Year Plan"
    By July of 2022, the newly trained solders from Operation Teach Middle East have had enough time to establish a formidable fighting force that is capable of eradicating and protecting their countries from the threats of terrorism. Once this task has been completed, the "Ten Year Plan" has fulfilled all of its expectations.