The Technology Trek

  • Period: to

    The Tape recorder years

    I used to tape my music from the radio and take it with me on summers to our annual trek picxking cherries. Lots of tapes, lots of tape recorders later
  • Period: to

    Using the School machine

    I used to spend hours after school and weekends on the mac classic. rebooting everytime it froze.
  • Orgon Trail

    Used to green screen Orgaon TraIl to teach 5th grade Social Studies
  • purchased my first Apple desktop and signed lodinet as a service

    it was a powerPC, beige and i was on the internet.
  • my first cell phone

    got my first cell phone because I was going to go to a middle school and there were no phones in the classrooms.
  • First laptop

    I decided to buy a laptop becuase i was goingt to middle school and would be movign around
  • first LCD projector

    The school site provided me with an LCD projector after I asked for it thinking I would nwever get it.
  • iphone

    waited and switched from Verizon to ATT for the NEW iphone.
  • the Ipod touch

    I got a free ipod touch with my new laptop.