The Student Nonviolence Coordinating Commitee

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    Beginings of the SNCC

    African-American colloege students create the begining of the SNCC through sit in demonstrations in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • Organizing the SNCC

    SCLC executive director Ella Baker organizes a conference for student sit-in leaders.
  • Seperating form the SCLC

    Due to worries that the larger and more popular activism group would try to dominate them, and impatience with slow court tactics the SNCC seperates from the SCLC. In this meeting the SNCC arranged to open a office in Atlanta.
  • The SNCC becomes a Permanent Organization

    The SNCC voices its support of non-violent protest but plans to use different means and emotions than those supported by Martin Luther King Jr. and a almost romantic support from the members.
  • First Voter Registration School

    The SNCC opens its first voter registration school in McComb, Mississippi to combat anti black voting laws in the South. SNCC also continues its sit-ins and other protests.
  • The Murder of Medgar Evers

    Whie backlash against SNCC voter registration projects leads to the death of activist Medgar Evers in Mississippi.
  • The SNCC creates the MFDP

    Tthe SNCC creates the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party to challenge the Democratic Party dominated by white Dixiecrats and advance black's rights to vote.
  • Mississippi Freedom Summer Project

    This is a second bigger voter registration initiative but it lacked support from other civil rights groups that believed it would hurt Lyndon B. Johnson's chances of being reelected.
  • Mississippi Summer Project Violence

    Three volunteers were killed by white backlash. The FBI investigated the case which caused outrage largely due to the fact that there was only an investigation due to the fact that two of the victims were white.
  • The MFDP and the Democrat's Convention

    Johnson denies the MFDP a token non-voting presence at the Democratic National Convention. This move is supported by other civil rights leaders that were concerned about it weakening Johnson's campaign.
  • The SNCC kicks out white members

  • The SNCC criticizes the Vietnam War

    The SNCC becomes the first civil rights organization to speak out against the Vietnam War. The SNCC said the US supported a illegitimate South Vietnamese government.
  • SNCC becomes a group for human rights

    The SNCC declares itself a group for worldwide human rights. It begins to openly oppose the South African apartheid and other world issues.
  • The SNCC collapses

    After steady radicalization and a loss of donors the SNCC collapses.