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The Steriotypical and Generic Middle-Schoolers' Life in Chronological Order Acording to Tristen Pasternak

  • Wow I Was Born on This Day

    Wow I Was Born on This Day
    October is my favorite month and its just a bonus my birthday is in there too. Born and raised in Springfield. Im the younger sibling of my sister who was born 18 months earlier.
  • Period: to

    The Completely Origional and Interesting Life of Tristen Pasternak

  • An Introduction to School

    An Introduction to School
    I began preschool when I was about three years old. Unusually enough, I had transfered preschools which isint common. I hardly remember anything I was so young.
  • Music

    My dad taught me how to play trumpet. Despite wanting to learn in kindergarden, i picked up a trumpet for the first time when i was 6 in 1st grade. I still play trumpet to this day and I enjoy it. I hope to improve even more.
  • Holy Child of God

    Holy Child of God
    Recieved first communion when i was 7. Hooray.
  • Big Vacation

    Big Vacation
    Family vacation to the beaches of Jamacia. My first time out of the country. Family vacations are family vacations but it was fun. i wish we could have gone when i was older so i could fully remeber it all.
  • New Family Member

    New Family Member
    Zoey, a boston terrier, was a new addition to the family. She was born on micheif night, the day before halloween,
  • Hooray

    First day of middle school. Im sure everyone just wishes they could just repeat middle school over and over again,
  • My Life Now

    My Life Now
    Thats my amazing past and I wonder what my future will hold.