The Start of Life

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    Begining of Life

    Mary Jillian Leota
    I was born on the 28th April 1997 in the Ipswich Hospital Qld. I have nine siblings, six brothers and three sisters. I am the fifth oldest. My parents are both born in Samoa.
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    History of the Hospital

    The Ipswich Hospital was built in 1860 and is located in Chelmsford Avenue . It provides training for students studying nursing, medical and allied health. On the 26 February 2010, the Ipswich Hospital celebrated their 150 year anniversary by throwing a Gala Ball. At this time, Ipswich Hospital had 304 overnight beds with more than 35,000 admissions and 49,000 patients treated per year.
  • First day of School

    First day of School
    Starting school for the first time at St Fransis Xaver. I can remember being so scared and nervous, I didn't know what it was going to be like.
    The school was established in 1910 and is located in Churchill St. Goodna. St Francis Xavier School was named after Francis Xavier who was the first Jesuit Missionary. The school motto is "Kids Who Care'.
  • Baby Sister born

    My sister Tracey is the youngest girl in the family. While my mum was at the hospital, I had to go to school. I was so excited that another sister was coming and I would have preferred to be at the hospital with my mum. After growing up with Tracey, I feel less excited about having her around because she gets spoiled the most out of us three sisters.
  • My dad's mum came over for a holiday

    My dad's mum came over from samoa to spend time with us. It was really good to see my grandmother.
  • Start of Highschool

    Start of Highschool
    It was the first day of highschool and I felt very nervous, shy and scared. After watching American high school movies, I thought school was full of very mean,noisy and rude people. But this was before experiencing St Peter Claver College!

    St Peter Claver College started in 1976 in Riverview. The school is filled with people from different backgrounds and I think its a good way of interacting with and learning about other cultures
  • My mum's sister came over for holiday

    It was the holidays and my mum's sister was over for she was stressed that her two daughters who are in there twenties and have a child and it was good to have my aunty over so she can have a break from the stress.
  • The FUTURE

    The FUTURE
    In the future I want to become a receptionist.