The Stages of World War 1

  • Britain formed entente (alliance) with France

    The Triple Entente was when Britain allied with France and Russia. This meant that Britain would not fight against either power. Around this time the Triple Alliance was created which consisted of Germany, Austria- Hungary, and Italy. This meant that if a conflict came up most of Europe would be thrown into war.
  • Britain made another entente with France and Russia, forming the Tripe Entente

    The Triple Entente was an alliance with Great Britain, France, and Russia. They were very powerful. The reason the Triple Entente was so powerful is because they stated in there treaty that Britain was not obligated to fight with France and Russia. It also stated that Britain would not fight against them.
  • Ferdinand and Sophie visit Sarajevo and are assassinated by Gavrilo Princip

    Ferdinand and his pregant wife, Sophie, were visiting Sarajeveo on July 28. They were leaving and a parade was arranged in the streets for them. While on there way out Sophie and Ferdinand were both shot and killed. Ferdinand last words were "sophia".
  • Austria presented Serbia with the ultimatum

    The ultimatum included a large amount of demands. The ultimatum was presented to Serbia from Austria on July 23. If Serbia refused the ultimatum, they knew it would lead to a war against Austria. Serbia cooperated knowing Austria was more powerful and agreed to most of Austria’s demands. Austria decoded that they wanted war and refuses Serbia’s offer to settle there differences and declared war.
  • Austria declared war on Bosnia. Russia also ordered mobilization toward the Austrian border

    Conflicts and problems broke out all over Europe because Austria declared war on Bosnia. Leaders everyone were on alert and Russian leaders demanded mobilization or the draft of troops towards the Austrian border. Because of all of the problems that broke out this resulted in a enormous world war.
  • Germany declarded war on Russia

    Russia, who is Serbia’s ally started heading toward the Russian-Austrian border as well as the German border once they found out about the declaration of war. This declaration leads to Germany declaring war on Russia. Which meant Germany also declared war on France, Russia’s ally.
  • Germany counterattacked the Russians at Tannenberg.( Four day battle)

    Germany attacked the Russians at Tannenberg, in late August. The Germans ended up defeating the Russians in the four-day battle, because the Russians ended up retreating. The battle resulted in many lost lives.
  • Germany declared war on France

    Germany declared was on Russia and then later declared war on Russia’s ally, France
  • Britain declared war on Germany

    Britain declares war on Germany because Germany invaded Belgium who was neutral. At this time all of the major powers are at war, except for Italy.
  • Allies attack Germany at the 1st Battle of the Marne

    The Germans were on a winning streak, winning battle after battle. They were very close to almost capturing Paris but they were surprised attacked by the French and English armies. This pushed the Germans back and set the stage for the four-year trench warfare.
  • Ottoman Empire formally joins Central Powers

    The Ottoman Empire joined the Triple Alliance or the “Central Powers”. They entered the war by bombing Russian ports on the Black Sea.
  • December the Allies launch the Gallipoli campaign

    Allies made a campaign against the Turks and Germans trying to defend the Gallipoli Peninsula in attempt to end the stalemate on the western front. There goal was to take over the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul, and make a supply line to Russia. This obviously failed, lengthen the war and having many casualties.
  • Italy joins Entente

    In 1882, Italy signed the Triple Alliance agreement but Italy did not honor it because it was not a defensive war. The secret Treaty of London offered Italy an offer they could not refuse which was Territorial concessions. Italy then entered the war on the side of France, and Britain.
  • Germany sinks the U.S.S. Lusitania

    On May 7th, 1915 a German submarine sunk the U.S.S. Lusitania. Many Americans (128) were killed as well as 1,198 other innocent civilians.
  • Germans announce their policy of unrestricted submarine warfare

    Germany announced their policy of unrestricted warfare on January 1917. Because of a blockade, Germany decided to sink Britain’s submarines without any notice or warning. This caused a huge conflict with Britain and started a major issue.
  • U.S. intercepts the Zummermann Note

    In February 1917 Germany sent a telegram to Mexico asking them to ally with them, stating they would help them take back old land. The telegram was intercepted by Britain and given to the U.S. right away. Then America said they wanted to go to war against Germany when they saw the telegram.
  • Woodrow Wilson asks Congress to declare war on Germany

    Woodrow Wilson asked congress to declare war on Germany on April 2nd, 1917. Then the United States joined the allies making them stronger.
  • Vladimir Llyich Lenin ended Russias's involvement in WWI

    On November 1917, the allies lost a lot of power. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin of Russia declared they were ending there par in the war.
  • Germany and Russia sign the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    The treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed in March of 1918 by Germany and Russia. This treaty finally put an end to the war between them and Russia had to surrender.
  • Second Battle of the Marne

    The Germany army was so weak and that in July of 1918 the allies fought Germany at the Marne River and won.