The South and Slavery

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  • The Seconed Great Awakaning

    The Second Great Awakining begins spreading through the Southern Statese both white and blacks.
  • Cotton Gin invented by Eli Whitney

    Cotton Gin invented by Eli Whitney
    Eli Whitney a gradute from Yale invented a machine that would tear the lint away from the seeds.
  • 1st African american churches founded.

    African american churches are found in Philadelphia by Reverend Absalom Jones and the Reverend
    Richard Allen.
  • Industrial Revolution Begins

    Beginning in the early years of the 1800s the I
    ndustrial Revolution began. Creating Factorys Steam Engines and changing society as we knew it.
  • U.S. congress prohibits U.S. from international slave Trade.

    The U.S. Congreaa bans American particapation in the International slave trade.
  • Alabama Fever Struck!

    After the War of 1812 a lot of Settlers went into modern Alabama and Mississippi.
  • Missouri Crisis

  • Cotton begins to skyrocket as Americas Cash crop.

    With the invention of the Cotton Gin and the increase of land Cotton became one of Americas leading Exports and Money maker.
  • All North States abolished Slavery

    Every one of the Northern states abolished slavery.
  • South Carolina passes law that jaild Black seamen.

    South Carolina legislator passes law that jails all black seamen while there ship is docked in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • The Liberator begins Publishing

    William Lloyd Garrison begins publishing The Liberator a antislavery Newspaper
  • Nat Turner Slave Revolt

    Nat Turner rebeled against overlords and owners in an attempt for equal rights and freedom.
  • Virginia Legislature debates Emancipation

    Virginia debates and defeats a measure of Gradual Emancipation.
  • Nullification Crisis

    How the South was not being Represented well because of the population diffrences in the South with Slaves and the North with Free people
  • Gag rule introduced by Southerners

    Gag rule was introduced in Congress where Congressmen where not allowed to have there hand in anti-slavery petitions.
  • Trail of Tears.

    Trail of Tears.
    Trail of Tears was a forced migration the Native Americans were forced to go to Indian Territory set in modern day Oklahoma.
  • Cotton takes more than half of the Cash crop industry

    Cotton takes 55% of the Cash crop industry.
  • James Hayden Heath Born

    A great man was born on this date. Not much more need to be said about this Amazing man.
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    The South and Slavery