The significance of the internet

Timeline created by Dan Nazario
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    Internet from 1989 to 2012

  • Robert Tappan Morris sentanced for the first internet worm.

    Robert created the first virus and without him releaseing this "worm"into MIT server people would have never invented the technology used to block viruses and keep our computers safe.
  • Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Cailliau, and other CERN scientists create the first world wide web, HTMLs, and URLs.

    This discovery made the interaction between user and netowork more efficient and the computer could now read different sets of information allowing your searcher to have a higher accessibility.
  • Congress passes the Gore Bill to create the National Research and Education Network, or NREN initiative

    Congress passes the Gore Bill to create the National Research and Education Network, or NREN initiative
    After this bill was passed the Mosaic was founded. Mosaic was the first internet browser and it further expanded the making of Google and many other search browsers.
  • Delphi opens up full internet service.

    Delphi was the first national commercial online service to offer internet to its subscribers. It opened up an email connection in july 1992 but went full scale in november of 1992, thus offering internet to everyone and being an inspiration for Amazon.
  • CERN declares WWW would be freely usable by anyone.

    This milestone in internet history changed the lives of everyone. Most of the things we do now is all technology and computer based. The internet has improved the lives of billions of people and almost everyone relies on it. By CERN making the internet accessible and free inspired and advanced a rise in technology.
  • Jeff Bezos comes up with a business plan for

    Jeff Bezos comes up with a business plan for
    Amazon is one of the many online shoping websites and makes ordering online very easy and safe to use. It is used by millions of people i personally have ordered some of my most prized posessions there.
  • Google is launched

    Google is launched
    Google is the number 1 search engine and i personally use it everyday. It is safe, fast and reliable and one search gets millions of hits. It is one of the first websites i was ever introduced to and i still use it to this day.
  • Napster is shut down.

    Napster is shut down.
    The file sharing website napster was shut down for unintentionally giving away music without the artists permission and was sued for doing it. Metal band Metillica saw that one of there songs had been floating around the web and the bands drummer,lars ulric decided to sue. I personally am a drummer and dislike Metillicas drummer but what napster was doing was wrong. I am a music lover and also the drummer in a band that puts out music and would also dislike if people were "stealing" our music.
  • Mark Zuckerbeg launches Facebook.

    Mark Zuckerbeg launches Facebook.
    Facebook was first created as a website college students could talk about tachers on and then evolved into the most popular social networking site we all know and love. I made a facebook in the 7th grade and its had its ups and downs. If they didn't keep changing the layout every other day, it would be fine but if 41.6 % of U.S. citezens use it than i guess they are doing something right.
  • Youtube is launched

    The launch of youtube broke ground because of its user run media databse. The user would upload a video and other users would watch and upload their own videos. This proccess made uploading and sharing media, educational videos, and watching cats much more entertaining. I myself have a youtube account and post videos of my band and i show them to my friends and family all the time. This very fun and helpful tool started the video websites we see today.