The Selfish Giant Timeline

  • 1

    every afternoon after school children used to playing in a garden with an abandoned castle
  • 2

    one afternoon while the children were playing, they heard a voice, it was the giant who returned from his visit to his friend ogre and who now drove the children from his garden
  • 3

    after a while spring came to the other gardens while in that of the giant winter still reigned in the garden of the giant
  • 4

    the giant wondered why spring did not come, the snow, the wind and the hail made room in the garden, until one morning the giant heard the song of a bird, when he saw the garden he saw that the children had sneaked into a little hole and realized they brought happiness and spring with them
  • 5

    but the giant noticed that in a corner there were still remnants of winter
  • 6

    the giant noticed that in that corner there was a very small child, so small that he could not climb a tree, this moved the giant who went to help him
  • 7

    When the giant approached the other children began to flee, all except the little boy who was not listening to the giant, once the giant helped the child the others could see him and stopped running, immediately after receiving a thank you from of the child the giant broke the wall
  • 8

    the children play in the garden again every afternoon, but there was something strange
  • 9

    The little boy that the giant helped no longer came to play with the others, so the giant asked the children what had happened to him, but the others had no answer and although time passed, the little one still did not return
  • 10

    One winter morning the giant saw a tree with white flowers, gold branches and silver fruits and under it was the little one that he so much hoped for, when he got closer he saw some wounds on his hands and feet but the boy said no He would also worry about having let him play in his garden, now he was going to take him to paradise, when the children arrived that afternoon they found the giant's lifeless body, all covered in white flowers