the second world war

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  • The élection of Adolf Hitler

    The élection of Adolf Hitler
    Hitler became at the head of the German government
  • Opening of the first concentration camp

  • Introduction of the anti-semitism

    Introduction of the anti-semitism
    Hitler had the complete control of Germany and he start to introducing anti-semitism.
  • Publication of the Nuremberg law

    Publication of the Nuremberg law
    A part of this law was to bring down jews in the society. So german jews lose their nationality and the marriage between jews and non-jews were prohibited.
  • The Crystal night

    The Crystal night
    Nazis destroy 7500 jewish shops and 267 synagogues. 91 jews were killed and 3000 jews were deported into concentrations camps.
  • the conquest of Poland

    Adolf hitler invade Poland in 3 weeks
  • Danemark and Norway are invaded

    Danemark and Norway are invaded by the nazis
  • France Invaded

    France invaded by the nazis
  • The expulsion of the nazis from Poland

    the soviétique push back German from Poland.
  • Breaking of the Germano-soviétique pact

    Hitler break the Germano-soviétique pact
  • Pearl Harbor

    The Japanese being the allies of the nazis, attacks the Americans on their base in Hawaii. It s the beginning of world war 2.
  • Torch operation

    Torch operation
    The Allies land in North Africa little by little they take over the nazis
  • Beginning of Koltso operation

    It's a soviet offensive on Stalingrad
  • Hitler declares total war

    It's the mobilisation of all civilians and building to be sure to win against the Allies
  • Normandy landing

    Normandy landing
    Allied amphibious and airborne military operation launched on the eight of June 5 to 6, 1944
  • Hitler suicide

    Hitler suicide
    when he sees he loses the war he decide to kill himself in his bunker.
  • Atomic bomb on Hiroshima

    Atomic bomb on Hiroshima
    USA drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima like revenge from the attack of Hawaii
  • japan surrender

    that marks the end of the war.