the ROAD to the CIVIL WAR!!!

By skunker
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    mexican american war

    America was fighting against mexico to take the whole western part of the U.S. When we had taken Texas we didnt grab it right away as we knew it would become a slave state and didnt want that to happen so we waited a long while to take it. This angered the the South.
  • wilmot proviso

    wilmot proviso
    The north attempted to pass a bill that would have any territory gained from the Mexican American war not available to become a slave state. This really annoyed the south as the North tried this multiple times.
  • underground railroad

    underground railroad
    In 1850 this really broke out. This is a bunch of underground paths and safe houses for slaves on their escape to the north. 1850 was where it really grew and was formed strong and had many people helping slaves get free. As the south had disappearing slaves, they got more and more angered.
  • compromise of 1850

    compromise of 1850
    As we got more land in the west the South wanted some too. They tried to get some of california, but we declined and told them that none of it will be for slaves. South got the fugitive slave act out and they had moved west. When the North moved them out they tried to keep the slaves there, but with this act the southerns got to keep their slaves.
  • fugitive slave act

    fugitive slave act
    This was put into play as the North was taking in run away slaves and keeping them safe in free states. The south got mad and put this on. After no one enforced in the South added anyone who did not do this would get 6 month in prison and $1000 fines. Also anyone who followed this would get looked at for a promotion in their work or a raise.
  • uncle tom's cabin

    uncle tom's cabin
    This book was written and published in 1852. This book talked about slavery and all that has happened so far. Also he got stories from slaves to write in his book. This deeply bothered the South. This book was known to be one of the main reasons the civil war started. Also was the second most read book, second only to the bible.
  • kansas-nebraska act

    kansas-nebraska act
    Kansas and Nebraska got put on vote to become a slave state or not. All this did was get a whole mess load of people to flood into Kansas to try and vote it to their side. This ended in a very bloody war as soldiers were even brought here from both sides.
  • ostend manifesto

    ostend manifesto
    The U.S. attempted to buy Cuba from Spain or even try to take it by force. The South did not like this as it would be a free state and feared for a long time it would become a independent free black territory where their slaves could run off.
  • caning of charles sumner

    caning of charles sumner
    Preston Brooks nearly killed Charles. As Charles had remarked about slave owners and this had angered Preston. After Charles recovered he became one of the leader senates of the North and helped out in the war a lot.
  • Dred Scott Decision

    Dred Scott Decision
    The supreme court ruled that any slave could never become a U.S. citizen. This made it clear that slavery had to be stopped now. So this decision really accelerated the civil war to start.
  • John Brown's Raid

    John Brown's Raid
    John tried to stop slavery and make an attack on the Springfield, Massachusettes armory. He had asked some people to come help him, but they thought it would fail and thus did not join him. They called this the Harpers ferry as John had got a couple of men and made the attack. They had lasted a couple of days and were actually getting some weapons and getting their plan finished. When they had been caught and taken prisoner which ended this resortment.
  • bleeding kansas

    bleeding kansas
    Many battles were fought and arguments thrown out over Kansas being a slave state ot a free state. Well finally in January 29, 1861 it became a free state. 3 month before the civil war started.