The revalousion

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  • the war

    France and great britan went to war aalong with great britans victory. Came a loss of money so they set texes, and also for the colinest in america for everything they bought from great britan. the colinest got mad at great britan so they went to war..
  • The uprising

    The colinest got mad at great britan so to show their displesure they threw chest full of tea of a british boat into the bosan bay.
  • The contenental congress.

    John adams and george washington and also patrick adams met in philedelphia to descuse what to do with great britan. This was the first continental congress.Som people were sared to break away from great britan but other leaders said that independence was the only option.
  • Independence

    In 1776 the colinies thought they should become free and independent from great britan.In 1783 it became oficial
  • The boarding

    THe young john adams is ready to start sailing to france he is so happy that he is going with his dad.
  • The sighning.

    In 1787 the leaders met again in phlidelphia and signed the united stats onstutusion. Althoug it dident become a real law until nine out of thirteen colinies sighned it.