the renaissance

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  • 1440

    invention of the printing press

    It is a mechanical method intended to reproduce texts and images on paper
  • 1453

    constantinople fall

    from there the age of rebirth begins
  • 1492

    discovery of America

    colon discovers america in October 12, 1492
  • 1492

    expulsion of the Jews

    It was ordered in 1492 by the Catholic Monarchs through the Edict of Granada in order to prevent them from continuing to influence new Christians
  • 1499

    Forced conversions of Muslims in Spain

    they were promulgated through a series of edicts that banned Islam in the kingdoms of the Hispanic Monarchy in present-day Spain.
  • 1517

    Carlos V king of Spain

  • 1556

    Felipe II king of Spain

  • Period: to

    expulsion of the moriscos

    It was ordered by King Philip III and carried out in a staggered manner between 1609 and 1613.
  • Period: to

    frech revolution

    it was a social and political conflict, with various periods of violence, which convulsed France