The Reform of the State-owned Enterprises (SOE) of the People's Republic of China

  • Zhao Ziyang's Sichuan Experiment

  • Period: to

    Zhao Ziyang's rationalizing reform

  • Chen Yun critizing the rationalizing reform

  • Chen Yun advocating a bird-cage economy

  • Resolution on Economic Restructuring

  • Period: to

    Zhao Ziyang's dual-track reform

  • Period: to

    Zhao Ziyang's "tax for profit" program

  • Hu Yaobang's death

  • Period: to

    Tian'anmen Interlude and post-Tian'anmen retrenchment policies

  • Tian'anmen Square Massacre

  • Zou Jiahua's re-discovers the market

  • Period: to

    Deng Xiaoping's "Southern Tour"

  • Period: to

    Zhu Rongji's comprehensive economy reforms

  • 14th CPC Congress decides to establish a "modern enterprise system"

  • Period: to

    Zhu Rongji's price reform

  • Period: to

    Zhu Rongji's enterprise reform

  • Zhu Rongji becomes Vice Premier

  • Period: to

    Zhu Rongji's tax reform

  • Company Law

  • Zhu Rongji becomes Premier

  • People's Republic of China joins World Trade Organization