The Queen of butterflies

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  • Dolores Janney Rivera

    Dolores Janney Rivera
    Born in Long Beach, California. she is one of six kids to undocumented parents. From a young age she grew to love Traditional Mexican music: Banda.
  • Motherhood

    At the young age of 15 she became a mother to a little girl, Janney Rivera, with her first husband Jose Marin.
    Being a teen mom didn't stop her from becoming someone. she received her GED and was class valedictorian.
  • Disaster

    She was married with her first husband for about 7-8 years and had two more children. Jacqueline and Michael, shortly after her dark truths where revealed. she was being abused by her husband and attempted suicide. but being the fighter she is, she got a divorce and began to pursue her dreams as a singer.
  • Single Mother

    Single Mother
    Being a single mother of three is not easy, especially when you are beginning a singing career. Her father and brother Lupillo had been in the music business for a while. Jenni being a in real estate needed extra money to support her kids. so on the weekends she would preform at bars and shortly after that her dreams would slowly become true.
  • New Beginning?

    New Beginning?
    Jenni is being booked at every night club, from the oldest to newest. Her popularity is rising due to her famous last name and is starting to slowly be accepted as a female singer. her life is turning a new leaf and she meets her second husband, Juan Lopez and conceives two more beautiful children, Jenika and Johnny.
  • A little to soon...

    A little to soon...
    " it was too good to be true" Jenni's life is going so good, she has her family, happily married, no more depression or thoughts of suicide..... until another dark secret is told.
    Her ex husband, Trino, had sexually abused her two daughters and her little sister, rosy. She shortly filed a report against him and ten long years later he was charged with , pedophilia, child abuse, and evasion of justice.
  • Finally

    Through out all the family drama jenni is still a singer and continues to pursue her singing career.
    In 2005 her record "Parrandera, Rebelde, y Atrevida" hit the top ten in on the Billboard Latin Albums.
    in 2008 Jenni hit #1 on the Billboard to Latin albums.
    during that time she sold millions of albums.
    in 2011 she also received her star on the Las Vegas walk.
    at this point nothing was bring her down.
  • Reality Show

    Reality Show
    Thanks to her fame and success, mun2, wants to wants to give Jenni and her family their own reality show.
    in 2011 '' i Love Jenni'' premiered. through out the series it showed Jenni's personal and artistic life. fans were able to see jenni's true colors and what a big heart she truly has. from all the breakdowns and exciting moments of her life.
  • Where is the plane?

    Where is the plane?
    Dec. 8, 2012 Jenni rivera preformed at her last concert in Monterrrey, Mexico. The next day she wakes up has to attend her usual press conferences and gets on her plane because she has to do an appearance on a show in Mexico, ''La Voz''.
    but the she never made in, where is the plane?
    43 year old Jenni Rivera was pronounced dead after a mysterious plane crash. Mother of five kids and going through her third divorcee, our favorite Mexican regional singer was dead.
  • Is this the end?

    Is this the end?
    Since her passing, Jenni Rivera's family has released her official autobiography, and three albums. "La Diva de La Banda" made her acting debut in the 2013 film Filly Brown, and her reality TV show, which aired its final season after her death, and her book, which sold over 400,000 copies. she leaves a lasting legacy in her family and fans. Through her five children and her millions of followers, her name and memory will live on forever. Rest in peace, Jenni.