The Positively Preposterous Phenomena Pushing Politicians To Phorm A Populist Party

  • The Crop-Lien System

    The Crop Lien systam was a system of credit used by farmers during and after the civil war, it basically involved sharecroppers and other non landowning farm workers, borroing food and supplies on credit. After the civil war, Farmers were very poor, and crop prices were low.
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  • Declining Farm Population Percentage

    20 years before the civil war, the percentage of the population on Farmland was decreasing. Society was becoming more and more urban, the Farm industry took a huge hit in the aftermath of the Civil War, due to much of the South being in ruins.
  • Southerners Supporting Taxes

    Wierd, but The Farmers Alliance generally supported income taxes and business regulation, they were left wing, much like the Populist Party.
  • Agricultural Crisises

    After the civil war, Agricultural Crisises came in waves. Farmers had a very rough go of it. They felt that they had little voice, prompting them to form a political party. The Populist Party called themselves the People's Party, a left wing off shoot of the multiple Farmer's group that sprang up post Civil War.
  • Populist Party