The People of Sparks Jeanne DuPrau pg338 fiction

  • chp1-3 pg40 t 310

    the people of ember have come. They found a city. They are trying to help them
  • 26 Sept.2012 chapter 4-6 pg 63 t 334

    Poppy is sick and the doctor is helping her and the people of ember have moved into a abandoned hotel just outside of the town.
  • 27 Sept. chapt. 6-8 pg 90 t 361

    The people of ember hoave been set to work and poppy is not gwttine better lina has not moved with the people to the hotel and is staying with poppy
  • chp.8-13 pg 153 t 422

    carpers brother has come home from roaming the things betwee nthe city of ember and sparks are heating up they are starting to not like each other
  • cht.13-17 pg194 t 463

    lina has left with casper to go find the city that casper was talking about and she was not suppose to go eith them
  • cht.17-21 pg 230. t 499

    Lina has come back from roamong with casper and is wit hdon but it is almost to late to stop a war.
  • cht.21-26 pg 286 t519

    The people are going to go to war in the morning the people of sparks have a weapon
  • cht 26 - end pg 338 t 621

    lina has resolved the conflict by helping put out the fire and now all the people are united again