The Outsiders

  • The escape

    When pony got up, he found that Johnny left there to buy some food. Johnny came back with sausages and a book, Gone With The Wind. Although Pony didn’t want to change, they had to get a haircut and Dyed their hair to hide easy.They killed the time after days. And one day they watched the sunrise, we thought this view is so beautiful, but nothing gold can stay. Durning that time, they missed the normal life they lived.
  • After film

    After film, Ponyboy etc. get two girls home. Durning the way, Pony and Cherry talked a lot. Then, their boyfriends drove here to find them and pick them up back to home. Pony went to home, he fought with his first brother Darrel because he came home too late. In his flay, he ran away from home and came across Johnny and Johnny comfirted him and they went to the park.The beginning of the contradiction. Buried the foreshadowing.
  • Ponyboy and Johnny went to the cinema

    Ponyboy waited for Johnny when he was thinking. Then, they went into the cinema and saw Cherry and Marcia who were Socs. Cheery Quarreled with Dally because Dally flirted her. But Pony got alone well with Cherry. And they chatted when they bought popcorn. The beginning of this story. The occurrence of the protagonists.
  • In the park

    When Pony and Johnny were in the park, the car 'Mustang' was coming, There were all Socs in that car, they wanted to revenge. Pony and Johnny cursed with Socs. One of the Socs pressed Pon's head into the spray fountain. When Pony was goning to die, Jhonny used knife to kill one of the Socs, Bob.But Jhonny was unmeant. Pony and Jhonny wanted to run away and give the policeman the slip, therefore they went to visit Dally. It promotes the development of the plot. It is a small climax.
  • The road to escape

    Dally was the only one can help Johnny and Poney, so we went to find him. He gave us gun and money. He gave me a warm coat and said that we had to go to a cold place Winderixville by scrabbling the train and go to Jay Mountain, Church. Then they did that according to Dally. After they got there, they feel asleep. It Promotes the development of the plot
  • Dally told Pony and Johnny important things

    On the fifth day, Dally went there to see pony and Johnny. They asked him some questions about policeman, he said that they were safe and gave pony a letter which was about that Darrel was sad from Soda. Then Dally took them to eat DQ. The most important thing Dally said is the next night Greasers and Socs would fight on a lot and Cherry worked as a spy and she helped Greasers actually. It shows the idividualism.
  • They decided to go back

    Cherry thought all trouble was caused by her, she would testify that Johnny fought back in self-defense. But Johnny said that he wanted to confess his crime. When Johnny was told that his parents never asked about him, he was very sad. Then they wanted to go back and Dally didn’t want Johnny to be put in prison.
  • The rescue

    At that time. The church was on fire. Pony and Johnny ignored Dally’s warning, ran to the church and heard that several children were lost,. Therefore they went into the church and saved children’s life. Dally saw that and decided to help them. As a result, all children were rescued, but Pony, Johnny and Dallu all were injured in the fire. Johnny was seriously injured, One important protagonist would die, and his death caused more events. And people began to change the thinking about Geasers.
  • In the hospital

    When pony was awake, they were in the ambulance, the teacher Jerry, was grateful for the three boys. Pony said that they were Greasers, Jerry couldn’t believe and he didn’t care Pony was a punk, he stayed with pony all time. When Pony was in hospital, his brother Darry and Soda came to visit him, Darry apologized to pony, he expressed that he was afrid to lose his brother Pony. Finally, Pony went to home. The relation between Pony and his brothers began better and better.
  • After went back to home-1

    Pony and his brothers were waiting in the waiting room for the news about Dally and Johnny, at that time, reporter and policeman went there and asked some questions. Doctors said Dally was not serious but Johnny was very dangerous, he might die. Pony was sad to hear it because Johnny was the best friend of Pony.
  • After went back to home-2

    The second day morning, two-bit and Steve came to Pony’s home, told Pony tht they were reported on the newspaper, Juvenil Delinquents Turn Heroes, then Steve said court might send pony to the orphanage, Pony didn’t want it. People had changed their thinking to Greasers.
  • The conversation between Randy and Pony.

    That night, Pony had a nightmare. Randy, one of Socs came to Pony’s home, he told many things to Pony. Randy said that he couldn’t join the fight. He was sick of the fight between Greasers and Socs. Whatever who win the fight, it was bad for everyone. He thought Bob was not a bad boy, just no one criticized him and Greasers could not win the fight. He wanted to run away, but it was not useful. Randy was not just a Soc, he was a people. Not all Socs are bad people,
  • The meet about Johnny

    The nurse didn’t allow Pony to see Johnny, because Johnny was critically ill. But after, two-bit and we saw him. He told Pony he wanted Pony to read that book Gone With The Wind, and he said he could never walk. Pony comfort him . Johnny felt sad and fear. He had lots of things not to do. At that time, Johnny’s mother would see him, but Johnny didn’t want to. Because that, his mother was cursing.
  • Before the fighting

    Dally was happy to hear about pony was alive. He took his favourite black knife from two-bit.He said he must win in the fight, revenge for Johnny. Pony hid his illness in order to fight. Altough Pony didn’t want to fight, there was no other ways to solve this dispute. Then Pony saw Cherry and asked about Johnny, but she said she would not see him, because he killed Bob.
  • The fight

    Pony and his brother with Greasers went to the lot. Just a little time, some Socs came there and fight with them. Finally, Greasers won in the fight. Then they went to the hospital, Pony was worrying about Johnny. Pony told Johnny that Greasers won in the fight, but Johnny said fight is no useful, he told Pony that he should stay gold. After, Johnny die, Pony went mad.
  • The result of Dally

      Pony was really can’t believe that Johnny was died. Pony was in despair. Then Pony went home. Dally don’t accept this fact, he was so said too. He went out and robbed a store. The police were pursuing him exactly. He ran to the lot. Then the police shot him. Dally was gone. That is the most attract thing after the high tide.
  • Reanson of Dally’s result

      It is obviously that Dally was intentionally. He wanted to die when he heard Johnny was died. Fortunately, he always can achieve his purpose. And Pony had slept for 4 days because his illness, and cerebral concussion, and the attack. Darry said that Johnny leaved Pony the Gone With The Wind. This part stated the thought of Dally’s. That draws forth the explain in the court.
  • Pony went mad

      After that, Pony had lied in bed for one week. He begun think about Bob killed by Jonny. At that time, Randy came and visited Pony. He told Pony he would go to the court and explain the fact that Bob was killed by Johnny. Pony said he killed Bob rather than Johnny. Pony still can’t believe that Johnny had died. Then, Randy mentioned Johnny. Pony could not control his emotion. Lastly, he was gone. This part Made a conclusion about the trifling things before.
  • Judgement of the case

      They went to the court, the judge asked them a lot about this thing,including how about Pony’s study and did he was willing to live with his brothers. As a result, the judge announced Pony was innocent. Then they took a break. declare Pony’s result about the case clearly, and made a conclusion of the grief.
  • Pony’s life after grief

    Pony was really hope he can get back to the steady life he lived before, but he can’t. The things always go contrary to his wishes. Pony’s mark in school suffered a disastrous decline. And he always forget tings quickly. That made his English teacher worried about him. He said Pony’s English points were failed. And if Pony can write a presentable essayo of this term, he may give Pony “C”. This part introduced the condition and the mental attitude of Pony at that time concisely.
  • Pony found the letter

    Most of the students in the school were live Pony alone, because they were afraid of him. After dinner, Pony wated to write the essay, but he had no way of writing it. He quarreled with Darry again. Then, Pony opened the Gone With The Wind. He found there was a letter left by Johnny. This part of the story is a transition brtween the grief and Pony’s later life.
  • About the letter-1

    The synopsises about it is Johnny thought all the things he did were worth and deserved. He was proud of himself. Johnny told Pony," When you was a child, you were a treasure and the surrounding are so strange like a down. But when you were accustomed to your common life, the boring days had began.
  • About the letter-2

      Johnny said he likes the way Pony admire the sunset very much. He wanted Pony continue it with Dally. Johnny pleased Pony to tell Dally he should be value the wonderful things in his life rather than be resigned to his backwardness. That made readers move again.
  • Ending-1

      After read the letter, Pony thought it is too late to tell Dally. He was moved by the letter. Then he decided to write their greasers in his essay: when I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Panl newman and a ride home... The whole story is not completely perfet like most other novels.
  • Ending-2

    This experience gave Pony a very deep impression in his life, and he may can’t let it go forever, and he will improve himeself to be a powerful man every day. That vague result also leads readers review and ponder to their lives.