The number of asylum seekers arrived in Australia between 1976 to 2010

Timeline created by Angel.Yu
  • The first asylum seeker boat arrived Australia

    The first asylum seeker boat arrived Australia
    The term ‘boat people’ entered the Australian vernacular in the 1970s with the arrival of the first wave of boats carrying people seeking asylum from the aftermath of the Vietnam War. The first boat arrived in Darwin in April 1976 carrying five Indochinese men.
  • Around 20 boats arrived in Australia

    19 boats which involved 953 people arrived to Australia between 1994-1995. This is the frist and small climax between 1976 to 2010.
  • 86 boats arrived in Australia

    3721 people were came to Australia in 1999.This is the second climax that the number of refugee boats came to Australia.
  • 43 boats arrived in Australia

    The number of people that came to Australia was continue increase. 5516 people were involved in these 43 boats.
  • No one was coming in 2002

    No asylum seekers came to Australia in 2002 and only a few of asylum seekers came until 2008.
  • 134 boats arrived in Australia

    134 sylum seeker boats came to Australia in 2010, and it involved 68 thousands of people in these boats. This is the highest refugee immigration group until today.