The Netherlands Current Events- Caitlin Sullivan

  • Some 11% of children grow up in poverty

    The gross minimum wage is currently €1,416 a month. Some 11% of Dutch children live below the CBS poverty line
  • Dutch physicist wins Nobel Prize

    Geim and Novoselov are the discoverers of graphene, the thinnest but strongest material in the world. Highly conductive and practically transparent, graphene is an excellent basis for efficient electronics.
  • International financial dispute tribunal to be set up in The Hague
    The Netherlands is to get a private tribunal where banks, investors, pension funds and other financial institutions can go to have complex international disputes settled, the Financieele Dagblad reports on Tuesday.
    The tribunal will be based in The Hague and will become operational in 2011, the paper says. The aim is to develop an institution with expertise that ordinary courts are missing.
  • The Hague public transport strike looms

    Public transport firms in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are to strike mid February in protest at government plans to put their services out to public tender. The cabinet expects privatising public transport services will save some €120m.
  • 15,000 students expected to demonstrate against grant cuts At least 15,000 students and other university staff are expected to gather in The Hague on Friday in protest at the government’s plans for higher education. The students are angry that the government plans to scrap grants for masters degrees and to increase fees for slower students by €3,000 a year. They also say cuts in government spending on higher education will damage universities and colleges, and make it mo
  • Sorghvliet comes to Minnetonka!!

  • Dutch mall shooter fired more than 100 times as he killed 6 shoppers, himself
    The man who went on a shooting rampage in a suburban Dutch mall fired more than 100 rounds in a few minutes as he killed six shoppers before turning one of his weapons on himself
  • Dutch tighten drilling inspections, prepare rapid response exercises for North Sea disaster

    Dutch tighten drilling inspectionsDutch authorities say drilling operators and marine rescue units have three rapid-response exercises planned this year as part of lessons learned from the oil blowout in the Gulf of Mexico last year. Officials say North Sea operations are vulnerable to the same kind of human error that led to the disaster at Deepwater Horizon. The North Sea, however, is shallow, Dutch oil wells are mostly depleted and drilling is now more focused on gas.
  • Amsterdam residents to mark homes where arrested Jews had lived
    A commemoration committee is asking thousands of Amsterdam homeowners to mark their houses if a former Jewish resident was arrested or deported to Nazi death camps during World War II.
  • Dutch newcomer wins Utrecht marathon

    Michel Butter of the Netherlands has won the Utrecht Marathon, ending a four-year Kenyan winning streak in a race in which organizers have been accused of discriminating against foreign runners.
    He completed the 42,195k distance, his first marathon, in two hours and 17 minutes. Controversy surrounded the event as the organisers essentially barred Kenyan athletes, winners of many previous editions, from taking part.