The Missing

  • Unregistered Plane Arrives

    An unregistered plane arrives at Sky Trails arirport gate. The plane is full of babies and there was no crew onboard.
  • Period: to

    13 Years Later

  • Chip moves

    Chip Winston moves into Josephs neighberhood, and they become freinds.
  • Mysterious Letters

    Both Joseph and Chip recieve mysterious letters with the same contents. They think it has to do with them being adopted.
  • FBI Meeting

    Joseph and his family meet with an FBI agent to learn more about Joseph´s birth parents.
  • Secret Documents

    Katherine, Joseph´s sister finds weird documents with a list of names and phone numbers. She takes pictures of them.
  • Lsit of survivors

    Katherine and Joseph meet up with Chip to talk about the documents, but they discover that Chip and Joseph are in a list under the title of Survivors.
  • Research

    The group of kids call the other surivivrs on the list, and they discover that they have also been getting weird letters.
  • Witness

    They call a witness on the list and they agree to meet at the local library to discuss the situation.
  • Attacked

    While talking to the witness they are attacked but another mysterious man distracts their pursuer and allows them to espcape.
  • Conference

    Joseph´s parents teel him to go to a meeting about adoption. Katherine and Chip are going too. They suspect it has to do with the lsit of survivors who were also adopted.
  • Cave

    While on the conference they are split in groups, then they realize that all the survivors are there. After creating groups they are taken to a cave to talk.
  • Trapped

    They are trapped in the cave by the leader of the conference. They realize this person is the same that attacked them in the library.
  • Hard Desicion

    They are forced to choose in going to the oast were they belong ar egoing to live a new life in the future, but they will forget everything anyway.
  • To the Past

    Joseph and Katherine go to past to recue Chip who was accidentally sent back.
  • The End