The Mining Boom

By ndj2012
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    Mining Camps

    Western mining camps were some of the most violent places in the United States.
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    Fraser River

    Some minors pushed as far north as the Fraser River valley of British Columbia.
  • Pikes Peak

    prospectors found gold near Pikes Peak.
  • Colorado

    Thousands of people flocked to Colorado.
  • Carson River

    The Carson River valley in present-day Nevada was another center of frantic activity.
  • Alaska

    U.S. secretary William H. Steward negotiated the purchase of Alaska
  • Klondike

    Prospectors discovered gold in the Klondike district of Canada's Yukon territory, which borded Alaska.
  • Yukon miners

    Yukon miners had extracted gold worth more than one million dollars.
  • Gold Discoveries

    Gold discoveries in Alaska attrached even more settlers.
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    Mining increasingly became the task of large companies.