The Ming Dynasty By: Trenton and Ben

  • Apr 5, 1368

    Establishment 2

    Established by Zhu Yuanzhang. Took control after the death of the army warlord and brought down the Yuan Dynasty. Then found the Ming dynasty. :)
  • Jun 1, 1368


    Established as dynasty after the Hongjinjun army rebeled against the Yuan Dynasty
  • Mar 7, 1371

    Early Reign

    After the founding of the Ming dynasty, Zhu implented a series of policies to reduce the peasants' burden and to resume the production of the society.
  • Sep 6, 1371

    Early Reign 2

    Zhu focused much attention on the punishment and prevention of corruption among the court officials. So, he sent his sons to supervise the local administration so as to strengthen his hold as the emperor.
  • Dec 8, 1405

    Early Reign 3

    After the death of Zhu Yuanzhang, his grandson, Zhu Yunwen, took his throne for his reign. It only lasted 4 years. The throne was then took by Zhu Yuangzhang's 4th son, Zhu Di. Zhu Di's reign was considered one of the most prosperous periods of the Ming Dynasty.
  • Jan 23, 1406

    Early Reign 4

    Chengzu (Zhu Di). sent Eunuch Zenghe to lead Ming's fleets across Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, Chengzu constructed an Imperial Palace in Beijing. After that, the Capital city was moved to Beijing.
  • Apr 5, 1422

    Decline and Fall

    The turning point was during the reign of emperor Shenzong. He started out well, with the help of Zhang Juzheng, and made much improvement to the economy, agriculture, water conservancy and military affairs. But after the death of Zhang, Shenzong neglected state affairs.
  • Nov 27, 1432

    Decline and Fall 2

    In Shenzong's late reign, the Ming Army was defeated by the leader of the "Latter Jin" regime in Nurhachu. Then the Ming court fell into a passive state while the Latter Jin developed and grew.
  • Apr 1, 1434

    Decline and Fall 3

    The fall of the Ming Dynasty was caused by corruption among the court officials, natural disasters, the destruction of Eunuchs, and the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Weizong,hung himself, then ending the Ming Dynasty.