The Magician Series

  • The (very stupid) Halloween Dance

    At the Halloween Dance, an Elemental Lord shows up and questions five students including Olivia and David.
  • Welcome Mr. Williams

    Sean Williams arrives at Ozark and takes over as headmaster.
  • Amelia who?

    Amelia Carter, a Light Sorceress, arrives at Ozark with a Searcher.
  • Silver Blade!

    The Silver Blade attack Ozark.
  • Not the Silver Blade again!

    Amber, Andrew, Faith, Olivia, Jack, and David go to Jefferson City for the day and are attacked by the Sliver Blade. They are saved by Amelia.
  • Period: to

    The more the merrier!

    After getting attacked, Amber, Olivia, Andrew, David, Jason, Amelia, Faith, and Jack have to stay at Amber's house until they are released by Mr. Williams, which includes over Christmas!
  • 2009!

    After everyone is released to go home, Olivia stays at Amber's house for New Years and they shoot off fireworks.
  • Ugh. We all hate school (but Andrew).

    Christmas Break is over and the students start studying their hardest to be eligible to go on the 3 month field trip on the Cloud.
  • *sigh of relief

    Mr. Williams reads the list of students who will go up to the Cloud.
  • Up on the Cloud top!

    Amber and her friends go up to the Cloud.
  • How could a world that looks so wonderful, be so bad?

    Amber and her friends go on a tour of the Cloud.
  • A Magician's a Magician, no matter how small.

    While, Amber and Olivia were visiting John, they have to go and watch an execution. But, the little girl and her brother are saved by Andrew, Amelia, and David.
  • The truth changes everything.

    Amber, Faith and Jack find out that Amelia is Skye Hale and they have the choice about what to do about it.