The Life & Times of Michael Jordan

By cmwhte
  • Birth of a Legend...

    Birth of a Legend...
    Michael was born in Brooklyn, New York to parents James and Dolores
  • Hoop Dreams

    Hoop Dreams
    Shortly after Michael was born he and his family moved to North Carolina where Michael attented Emsley A. Laney Highschool and started his organized basketball career. *Michael Jordan didn't get cut from his highschool team as the legend goes! He was only cut from the varsity level during his second year as a 6' 1'' shooting guard. He grew four inches as a sophomore!
  • Gettin' Scholarly

    Gettin' Scholarly
    Michael attented the University of North Carolina on a baskteball scholarship. Three years later in 84' he won the Naismith and Wooden College player of the year award.
  • Chi-Town-Bound

    Michael Jordan was selected third over-all in the 1984 NBA draft by The Chicago Bulls, the team he would eventually go on to build a dynasty for...
  • Welcome to the League Rookie

    Welcome to the League Rookie
    In 1985 Michael won rookie of the year averaging 28.2 points per game and making his presence known very early in his career.
  • And He Can Play D!

    And He Can Play D!
    In 1988 Jordan won his first and only Defensive Player of the Year award. Jordan was also named to the NBA all defensive first team 9 times throughout his career.
  • The First Ring

    The First Ring
    In 1991 Jordan won his first NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls. He was also named the Finals MVP, his first of 6.
  • Did it Again....

    Did it Again....
    Jordan won his second NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls against the Portland Trail Blazers. He also earned his second finals MVP award averaging an amazing 38 points per game.
  • Third Time's the Charm

    Third Time's the Charm
    Jordan won his third straight championshipt beating the Phoenix Suns in a 6 game series. He once again earned the finals MVP award, this time averaging 8.5 rebounds, 6.3 assists, and 41 points!
  • Batter up!

    Batter up!
    After winning his third title Jordan shocks the world by announcing his retiremenet from the NBA to play baseball.
  • Return of the King

    Return of the King
    Michael Jordan returns to the NBA, this time wearing #45 in honor of his father. The Bulls lost to the Orlando Magic that year in the 95' play-offs. Jordan would switch back to his original #23 the following season.
  • No Love for the Glove

    No Love for the Glove
    Jordan wins his fourth NBA title with the Chicago Bulls and, you guessed it....is once again named finals MVP. The Bulls defeated Gary Payton and the Seattle Super Sonics in a 6 game series.
  • The Mailman Don't Deliver on Sunday

    The Mailman Don't Deliver on Sunday
    Jordan and the Chicago Bulls beat Karl Malone and the Utah Jazz 4-2 in a 6 game series. Jordan also wins his 5th finals MVP award averaging 32 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists a game.
  • Repeat the 3-Peat!

    Repeat the 3-Peat!
    Jordan wins his 6th and final NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls defeated the Utah Jazz 4-2 in a 6 game series for the second year in a row and Jordan was named finals MVP for the 6th time.
  • 2nd Retirement

    2nd Retirement
    Jordan announces his retirement from the NBA but he would soon return two years later to play for the Washington Wizards.
  • Jordan's Final Game...Really

    Jordan's Final Game...Really
    Jordan played his final NBA game as a Washington Wizard against the 76'ers. Although they lost Jordan received a 3-minute long standing ovation from his teammates, coaches, and a crowd of over 21,000. Jordan would never play another NBA ever again.....Or will he?