The life of Omar

  • Omar is born

    Omar is born and everyone in the world is happier! YEAH!
  • Omar shoots some hoops

    Omar shoots a basketball for the first time and later that day defeats Michael Jordan in a legendary game of one-on-one.
  • Omar Rides a bike

    Omar dominated the BMX rally bike circuit at an early age but was forced into retirement due to a nasty hang nail.
  • Omar starts dance

    Omar is a wicked dancer (he really is) and it all started on this day.
  • Omar meets his wife

  • Omar eats some pizza

  • Omar and Patrick meet

    A love affair that knows no bounds. Well not the physical kind, unless you consider working out and playing basketball the physical kind.
  • Omar's Baby is born

    Omar's life is forever changed for the better.
  • Omar drinks Red Bull

    It did not give him wings, but it gave him a huge surge of energy on the basketball court.
  • Period: to

    IT Babble is started

    IT Babble is started. Over it's illustrious career, they helped the educational field, brought peace in the Middle East, and decreased the cost of Gummy Bears world wide.
  • youTube

    <a href='<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>' >YouTube</a>
  • Omar becomes the president of the Internet

    After the great success of IT Babble, Omar becomes president of the Internet for 30 minutes.
  • Omar passes away

    The world weeps as Omar finally fades from existence.