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Cattle/Swine/Chickens Timeline

  • Texas Longhorn

    Texas Longhorn
    Originated in North America, known for long horns, high fertility, near extinction in 1927
  • Poland

    Originated in Ohio, droopy ears, black/white points, large frame & length of body, leanness & muscle, good feeders, & quiet
  • Hampshire

    4th most recorded in the U.S., Known for their belt, Kentucky, Erect ears, Black w/ white belt, Lean muscle, Carcass quality, Minimal back fat, Loin eyes, Good mothering abilities
  • Milking Devon

    Milking Devon
    Red, White tail/udder, Draft, Beef, Milk, Triple purpose, Medium, Light curved horns w/ dark/black tips, Jersey quality milk
  • Southdown

    England, Farm flock production, Gray face, White body, Wooly legs/face, Wet conditions, Smaller instature, More docile, Easy to manage
  • Minorca

    Mediterranean, Chalk white eggs, Large eggs, Large framed, Foraging, Ranging, Largest chickens in class, Dry meat, Egg layer
  • Shorthorn

    Originated in England, Red/roan color, Durham breed, Known/used for meat and milk
  • Milking Shorthorn

    Milking Shorthorn
    Red/White, Dual purpose, Split from American Shorthorn Association in 1949, Structural soundness & longevity, Less prone to mastitis, Lameness, Dystocia, Milk fever
  • Lincoln

    England, #1 largest/longest, Shiniest, Thickest flocks, White face, Forelock between ears, Ears point forward
  • Merino

    Australia, Wool breed, White face/legs, Most popular in Australia, High-quality wool in the textile industry
  • Duroc

    2nd most recorded in the U.S., Originated in New York/New Jersey, Droopy ears, cherry red, Product quality, Fast growing/lean, Longevity mothering
  • Chester White

    Chester White
    Originated in Pennsylvania, Droopy/medium ears, White/blue freckles, Durability/soundness,Good mothering
  • Hereford

    Originated in England, Red w/ White head, legs, underline
  • Ayrshire

    Red/White, Medium sized, Excel in udder conformation, Great foragers, Purebred only produce red offspring, Average milk
  • Berkshire

    3rd most recorded in the U.S., Originated in England, Erect ears, Black/White points, Fast growth, Reproductive, Cleanliness, Meat flavor/value, Short snout
  • Leghorn

    Mediterranean, Most abundant egg layers, Italy, Small hen, White feathered, Large white eggs, Commercial egg production, Egg layer
  • Yorkshire

    1 recorded in the U.S., Originated in England, Erect ears, White, Muscles, Lean meat, Low back fat, Soundness/Durability, Good mothering, Large litters
  • Cheviot

    Scotland, Resist cold/wind, White wool-free face, Longwool, Wool-Helical crimp, Resistant to worms, Footrot
  • Cochin

    Dual purpose, Asiatic, Massive appearance breast carried low, China, Long feathered, Abundant feather shanks, Brown eggs, Different varieties (buff, partridge, white, black)
  • Rambouillet

    Spain, France 1801, White face, Wooly legs, Long breeding period, Foundational Sheep breed for U.S. Sheep industry
  • Oxford

    England, Second largest, Meat type, Forages for own food, White w/ black ears/bridge of the nose, Wooly legs & Full topknot
  • Guernsey

    Red-White, "Golden Guernsey", Medium size, High milk-feed, More milk fat/protein, Great/Early calving
  • Jersey

    Light gray/Dark fawn, Dark around head/hips, Black nose w/ white ring, Second largest, Small-medium size, More pounds milk per body weight, 5% more butt fat than average
  • Holstein

    Black/White, Red/White, Large sized, Outstanding milk, Career 6 years, Highest milk production in world
  • Hampshire

    Hampshire, England, Black face/legs, Mild demeanor, Unbroken wool cap from neck over forehead, Meat, Larger breed
  • White Plymouth Rock

    White Plymouth Rock
    American, Large hen, White feathered, United states, Brown eggs, Not as efficient as Leghorn, Egg laying
  • Barred Plymouth Rock

    Barred Plymouth Rock
    Dual purpose, American, Barred=variety, Feathers=defined dark lines, Large bodied, Brown eggs, Not efficient meat/eggs
  • Brown Swiss

    Brown Swiss
    Solid brown light-dark, Large sized, Light brown-gray, Creamy white muzzle, Oldest dairy breed, Tied second largest in the world, Dual-Purpose
  • Wyan Dotte

    Wyan Dotte
    Dual purpose, American, Round bodied, United States, White buff, Silver-laced, Colombian, Black, Brown eggs, Not as efficient in meat/eggs
  • Angus

    Originated in Scotland, Solid Black, Can't grow horns, Naturally Polled, Consumer Preference
  • Tamworth

    Originated in Ireland, Erect ears, Red, Slow maturing, Dual purpose, Bacon, Long & Lean
  • Dorset

    Europe, Medium size, High quality, White wool, Most popular white-faced in U.S., Horned/polled, Lambing 2 yearly, Good beginner
  • Simmental

    Originated in Switzerland, The oldest breed, Large/Powerful, Orange/Yellow or White/Black
  • Suffolk

    England, Cross Southdown/Norfolk, Most popular breed in the U.S., Largest breed in the U.S., Large amounts of meat, White w/ black face/legs, Rapid growth rate
  • Cornish Cross

    Cornish Cross
    Meat breed, Cross of White Cornish/White Plymouth Rock, England, White feathers, Heavy musculature, Broad breast, Broilers
  • Spotted Swine

    Spotted Swine
    Known for black/white spots, Originated in Ohio, Droopy ears, Not less/more than 20% white, Feed
  • Brahman

    Only Bos Indicus, India, Survives on little/poor feed, Insect/heat resistant, Large hump, Excess skin, White/Gray, Red/Black, Sweat glands
  • New Hampshire

    New Hampshire
    Dual purpose, American, Red feathered, New Hampshire/U.S., Heavy bodied, Large brown eggs, Not efficient in meat/eggs
  • Polled Hereford

    Polled Hereford
    Iowa, Naturally hornless, Red w/ white head, legs, underline
  • Columbia

    U.S. Department Ag, Cross Rambouillet/Lincoln, Thrive on western ranges, Medium wool, Large meat, Pink nose, White/Pink
  • Corriedale

    New Zealand/Australia, Dual Purpose, Bulky/high-density wool, Most popular South America, Black nose/hooves, Oldest sheep-wool
  • Landrace

    5th most recorded in the U.S., De4nmark, Droopy ears, white, "American Sow Herd", Heavy milkers, Farrow large piglets, Lengthy body, High % carcass, Crosses with other breeds
  • Charolais

    France, White, Long bodied/Large, Coarse looking, Heavily muscled
  • Santa Gertrudis

    Santa Gertrudis
    King Ranch in Texas, Bull/monkey, Crossing Shorthorn & Brahman bulls
  • Rhode Island Red

    Rhode Island Red
    Dual purpose, American, Popular backyard flock, Deep red feathers, Brown eggs, Good structure, Not efficient meat/eggs
  • Cornish Rock

    Cornish Rock
    Meat breed, Hefty w/ closely knit feathers, green/brown/blue feathers, Small brown eggs, Slow growth, English, Heavy muscled, Broad breasted
  • Jacob

    England, Long wooled, White face, Forelock between ears, 2-4 horns, Black spots/body/eyes/face
  • Maine Anjou

    Maine Anjou
    France, Dark red w/ white & black markings, Crossed Mancelle & Shorthorn
  • Gelbvieh

    Germany, Red, Superior mothering ability, Extra fleshy under the throat
  • Salers

    France, Fastest growing in U.S., Mahogany red/black, Last breed imported into the U.S.
  • Catalana

    Dual purpose, Mediterranean, Medium white eggs, White ear lobes, Large red combs flop (females)