History of Physical Therapy

By JSnoZzz
  • Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics founded by Per Henrik Ling

    Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics founded by Per Henrik Ling
    Per Henrik Ling, or "the father of Swedish gymnastics" created the original profession of physical therapy
  • Principles and Practice of Hydrotherapy

    Principles and Practice of Hydrotherapy
    written by Simon Baruch, MD
  • Northeastern University developed America first PT program during WWI

  • Period: to


    Early Physical Therapy in the United States was influenced by the needs of injured soldiers and a new demand for rehabilitation
  • Major Polio Outbreak in New York State

    resulted in expedited PT development
  • The Division of Special Hospitals and Physical Reconstruction was established in Boston

    Elliot G. Brachett, MD and Joel Goldthwait MD, Frank Granger MD, and Marguerite Sanders Developed physical reconstruction and education in the US.
  • Margueritte Sanderson meets Mary McMillan before going to Germany

  • Physical Reconstruction and Orthopedics

    written by Harry Eaton Stewart, MD
  • First Organizational Meeting of AWPTA

    30 women attended the meeting in New York at Keen's Chop House
    The purpose was to create a professional standard for those practicing Physical Therapy. The first came in the form of Reconstruction aides with at least one year of military experience.
  • The PT review

    The first issue of the AWPTA's official publication, in which Mary Mcmillan was elected the first President of the AWPTA
  • The first textbook written by a physiotherapist

    The first textbook written by a physiotherapist
    Titled "Massage and Therapeutic Exercise"- written by Mary McMillan or the "Founding Mother" of PT
  • AWPTA changes to APA

  • Roosevelt bought Georgia warm springs in 1925

    Roosevelt bought Georgia warm springs in 1925
    renovated and expanded the facility for the treatment of Polio. (he had a severe case 1921)
  • "The Importance of Position in the Examination of Muscles"

    and "Physical Therapy in Business" by Anges Sussdorf, the Physiotherapy review
  • "Body Mechanics"

    "Body Mechanics"
    • Joel Goldthwaite
  • Only two years of education is needed to practice physical therapy

  • "Techniques of Underwater Gymnastics"

    -Susan Roen, PT Charles Lowman, MD Ruth Aust, PT and Helen Paull, PT
  • "Care During the Recovery Period in Paralytic Poliomyelitis" USPHS Bulletin #242

    Henergy Kendall, PT Florence Kendall, PT
  • Period: to


    Following WWII the ALM (artificial limb program) was established. Physical therapists started teaching in training programs for amputees.
  • Sister Kenny Arrives in California in 1940

    Sister Kenny Arrives in California in 1940
    Pioneered Kenny method, polio treatment that prioritized movement as opposed to immobilization
  • "Muscle, Testing"

    -Lucille Daniels, PT Catherine Worthingham, PT
  • Hill Burton Act

    Passed by Truman, provided construction grants and loans to build hospitals. Increased PT in Hospital-based practice.
  • "Muscles, Testing and Function"

    -Henry Kendall, PT Florence Kendall, PT
  • The Korean War

    Physical therapists were repurposed to rehabilitate wounded soldiers once again
  • 58,000 cases of Polio

    58,000 cases of Polio
  • Jonas Salk developed Polio Vaccine

    Jonas Salk developed Polio Vaccine
    Physical Therapists could now focus on other conditions
  • The Self-Employed Section was founded

    Physical Therapists began to become practitioners rather than technicians
  • Military "Medicare" program and Amendment/expansion of Social Security Act

  • "Training the Lower Extremity Amputee"

    Signe Brunnstorm, PT Donald Kerr, PT
  • "Activities of Daily Living"

    -Edith Buckwald Lawton, PT
  • "Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation"

    -Margaret Knott, PT Dorthy Voss, PT
  • The Physical Therapy Fund was Established

    to "foster scientific literacy and educational programs"
  • "Therapeutic Exercise"

    Lucille Daniels, PT Catherine Worthingham, PT
  • "Clinical Kinesiology"

    Signe Brunnstrom, PT
  • Kerr Mills billed signed

    Federal Grant to the geriatric population that gave money to the "medically indigent".
    AMA fought this bill
  • Chest Physical Therapy Programs' Developed

  • Period: to

    Expansion in Orthopedics in Cardiopulmonary PT

    -Open heart surgery becomes possible
    -Pre and Postoperative physical therapy is provided
  • Sir John Charnley

    Sir John Charnley
    -The first Hip replacement
    expands into all joints, knees ankles shoulders etc.
  • Compromised Medicare Plan proposed

    it was tabled, and then Kennedy was shot and then it was never revisited
  • "Beard's Massage"

    Gertrude Beard, RN, PT
  • Lyndon B Johnson signs bill to add Medicare to SSA

    PT was not included in this bill
  • Outpatient Physical Therapy services included in Medicare

  • "Movement Therapy in Hemiplegia"

    Signe Brunnstrom, PT
  • PT expands from hospitals to private practice

    (OSHA) Occuptiontonal Safety and Health Administration rules/regs
    Education for all handicapped children
    Oncology expands
    Hand rehab
  • Changes in outpatient physical therapy definition

    Congress added outpatient PT could be in an office or individuals home to SSA
  • APTA House of delegates adopts PTA policy

  • APTA has first standards for services and practice

  • First Combined Sections Meetings where held in Washington DC

  • the PT Fund changes to the Foundation for Physical therapy

    -increasing professionalism
  • The House of delegates adopts policy that PT can be preformed without doctor referral

  • APTA bought a 4 story building in VA

  • TriAlliance of Rehab Professionals (AOT)(AS-L-HA)

    Vips in legislative and regulatory arenas
  • Lots of Congressional Regulation

    BBA- Balanced Budget Act
    PPS- Medicare Prospective Payment System
    MDS- minimum data set
    RUGSIII- Version 3 of resource utilization groups
    OBRA- Omnbius Reconciliation Act
  • 1,500$ cap on Medicare Coverage of outpatient Physical Therapist Services

  • revised version of the guide to physical therapist practice was published

    Evaluation and reevaluation codes are finally introduced in the CPT coding manual, leading to interactive CD-ROM
  • House of representatives introduces legislation

    to allow physical therapy practice without Medicare refurl
  • Period: to

    A Moratorium was placed on the 1,500$ cap on Medicare coverage

    the BBA had a drastic effect on patient care