History of Dance

  • 1493

    Dance Macebre

    Associated with the Black Plague. Was never performed but depicted.
  • 1573

    Ballet de Polonais

    Ordered by Merdici to honor Polish Ambassador when he visited Paris. Balthisar de Beaujoyeulx organized the representation of the provinces of France using 16 ladies.
  • 1581

    Ballet Comique de la Reine

    Seen as the first ballet that was choreographed by Beaujoyeulx (considered the first French choreographer). Was the first ballet to integrate components into one unified plot and used costuming, staging, music, and dance as symbolism. Was used to reinforce the King's power.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully

    An Italian born dancer, violinist, and composer who was appointed composer to the king.
  • Académie Royale de Danse

    First ballet school established by Louis XIV. Directed by Beauchamp. Allowed non-aristocrats to learn ballet.
  • Female Dancers

    Female professionals did perform as well as men in drag.
  • Feuillet

    Pierre Beauchamp devised a system of dance published in choreography.
  • Essay Towards a History of Dancing

    Essay written by John Weaver that is the first full-length history of art.
  • Les Horaces

    First ballet d'action and avant-garde. had a dramatic scene that portrayed in pantomime.
  • The Loves o Mars and Venus

    Story choreographed by John Weaver, that used gestures instead of words.
  • Drums

    Drums were banned after the stone rebellion.
  • Pygmallan

    Choreographed by Marie Salle who wore simple Greek robes and let her hair flow.
  • Jean George Noverre

    became the chef balletmaster at the Paris Opera.
  • The Code of Terpsichore

    Written by Carlo Blasis. About ballet techniques.
  • La Sylphide

    Choreographed by Filippo Taglioni at the Paris Opera. First Time a Ballet was completely en pointe. Changed the face of ballet.
  • Giselle

    Choreographed by Jean Coralli and Petipa. Quillessential Romantic Ballet.
  • Virgina Minstrel

    One of the most widely popular minstrel troupe founded in NYC.
  • Pas de Quatre

    Choreographed by Jules Perrot. Featured four stars of romantic ballet. early expression of plotless ballet
  • Coppelia

    Choreographed by Arthur Saint-Leon. Created dance notation system steno choreography.
  • La Boyardere

    Indian themed dances based of Kathak.
  • American Vaudeville

    Started by Tony Pastor in NYC. Presented family entertainment in eight variety acts.
  • Sleeping Beauty

    Tribute to period of Louis XIV. Based off the fairy tale story.
  • Serpentine Dance

    Created by Loie Fuller
  • Swan Lake

    Composed by Tchaikousky and choreographed by Petipa and Ivanov
  • Fire Dance

    Utilized underlighting
  • Incense

    Solo of ritual prayer.
  • The Dying Swan

    Short Solo. Choreographed by Fokine.
  • The Nauten

    Imitation of Indian Kathak.
  • Les Sylphides

    Plotless tribute to Taglioni
  • Scheherazade and The Firebird

    Choreographed by Fokine. Nijinsky danced male lead.
  • La Spectre de la Rose

    Choreographed by Fokine.
  • Petrouchka and L’apres –Midi d’un Faun

    Composed by Stravinsky and Debussy. Inspired by Russian Fair. Featured provocative ending.
  • The Rite of Spring

    Feature heavy movements, asymmetry. Audiences reacted violently.
  • Modern Dancing

    Published by Vernon and Irene Castle
  • Witch Dance

    Mostly seated wearing demonic mask.
  • Parade

    Choreographed Massive. Set and costume by Picasso. Score by Erik Satie
  • Over the Tap

    Fred Astaire performed in Vaudeville.
  • Stair Dance

    Bill "Bojangles" Robinson debut this iconic dance
  • Xochitl

    An Aztec-Toltec dance drama that stared Shawn and Graham.
  • Shuffle Along

    1st Musical produced, created, and performed by all African Americans with great success on Broadway.
  • Les Noces

    A Russian peasant wedding. Dance was en pointe but with heavy movement.
  • Prodigal Son

    Adaptation of bible story.
  • No, no, Nanette

    Haney sold the idea to producers of the show.
  • Martha Graham Dance Company

    Longest continually operated school of dance in the United States.
  • The Jazz Singer

    1st Film with Sound.
  • Water Study

    Natural Forces depicted in movement onstage without music.
  • Heretic

    How Graham found her artistic voice.
  • Stock market Crashed

    People sought out an escape and found it a the movies.
  • Hollywood Career

    Bojangles began his career on film with Shirley Temple and featuring in Stormy Weather.
  • Lamentation

    Solo personification of grief that was performed on a bench in a tube of fabric.
  • The Shakers

    Depicted religious acts and rituals of shakers
  • The Green Table

  • Cotton CLub

    The Nicholas Brothers opened at the cotton club.
  • 42nd Street

    Ruby Keeler became the first Tap Broadway star.
  • Another Goes

  • Serenade

    Began as a lesson in stage technique.
  • Lynchtown

    Story of violence by mass.
  • Broadway

    The Nicholas Brothers Debuted on Broadway
  • American Document

    First duet with a male that portrayed American history.
  • L’Ag’Ya

    Duham’s first full length work
  • Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo

  • Cabin in the Sky

    Broadway show choreographed by blanchine.
  • Best Foot Forward

    Choreographed by Gene Kelly
  • Concerto Barocco

    Personification of the music.
  • Flickers

    Depiction of Silent Films.
  • Stormy Weather

    Popular Hollywood film.
    "Best dance sequence ever filmed"
  • Anchors Aweigh

    Performed with a cartoon. "Jerry" the mouse.
  • Dunham School

  • Lester Horton Dance Theatre

    One of the first integrated dance companies. WWII forced the school to go on a break.
  • The Four Temperaments

    One of Balanchine’s early experiments.
  • Cave of the Heart

    Story of Medea.
  • Night Journey and Day on Earth

  • Day on Earth

    Commentary on life cycle.
  • New York City Ballet

    Co-founded by Balachine and Kirstein
  • An American in Paris

    Won an Academy Award Best Picture
  • Nikolais Dance Theatre

    Founded by Alwin Nikalais
  • Singing in the Rain

    Greatest Film Musical ever made.
  • Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

    Jack Cole Choreographed this dance sequence for Marilyn Monroe.
  • Tensile Involvement

    Created shapes with elastic ribbions.
  • Giordano Dance Center

    Gus Giordano established a dance center.
  • Cross Bronx Expressway

    divided borough causing a social economic decline.
  • First World Jazz Center

    Eugene Louis Facculio (Luigi) opened the first jazz dance school in the world in NYC.
  • West Side Story

    Famous film choreographed by Bob Fosse.
  • The Art of Making Dances

  • Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

    Founded by Alvin Ailey. Enriched Modern dance heritage.
  • Alvin Ailey American Dance Center

    Pioneered programs of art in education.
  • Field Dance

    Dancers used will.
  • Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago

  • How to Pass, Kick, Fall, and Run

    Performed to a speech.
  • Dames at Sea

    On Broadway in 2015
  • Jewels

    First full length abstract ballet.
  • Theatre of Harlem

    Founded by Arthur Mitchell.
  • Soul Train

    show that celebrated African American art.
  • Esplanade

    Revised walking, running and jumping.
  • A Chorus Line

    Won Tonys for Best Choreography and Best Musical
  • Dance Olumpus

    Founded by Jules and Art Stone
  • Cry

    Solo that was a birthday present for his mother.
  • Electric Boogaloos

    Founded by Sam Solomon
  • Showstoppers

    Founded by Debbie Roberts
  • Premiere

    Rocksteady dance crew performed at the Lincoln Center Outdoor program.
  • America Tap Dance Orchestra

    Founded by Brenda Bufalino. was renamed American Tap Dance Foundation in 2001.
  • Jazz Dance World Congress

    Giordano established an International event with classes, performances, and panel discussions.
  • Dance World Congress

    established by Gus Giordano
  • Jiri Kylian-Petite Mort

    Had Trey McIntyre who was a successful freelancer.
  • Puremovement

    founded in Phili by Rennie Harris
  • Bring in da Funk

    Savion Glover Choreographed and started the musical that won a Tony's Best Musical and Best Choreography Award
  • Thoroughly Modern Millie

  • In The Heights

    Choreographed by Andy Blankenbuener.
  • Hamilton

    Famous Musical Choreographed by Andy Blankenbuener.