The Life of Niall Horan

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  • Niall Was Born

    Niall Was Born
    Niall was born in Ireland to parents Maura and Bobby. He has an older brother named Greg. He was born in Ireland.
  • First Guitar

    First Guitar
    Niall recieved his first guitar from his parents. From here, he began to love music. It is a good thing that he got this guitar!
  • Auditions for X Factor

    Auditions for X Factor
    Audition VideoNiall sang So Sick as his audition song. He got two out of four yeses, and went on to the next stage of the competition. Katy Perry was the one who sent Niall through to the next round.
  • One Direction is Formed

    One Direction is Formed
    Their WebsiteThis band was formed from five guys that were not good enough to compete by themselves, but too good to leave the competition. So Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne were brought back and put in a group. Simon Cowell was responsible for putting them together.
  • First Single Released

    First Single Released
    What Makes You Beautiful SongWhat Makes You Beautiful was released on this day in the UK and Ireland. They traveled around the countries that day to promote the single. Radio play of the song started that day too.
  • Up All Night Tour Begins

    Up All Night Tour Begins
    Their first tour promoting their first album began on this day. It began in Watford, England. They played over sisxty shows in North America, Oceania, and Europe.
  • 2012 Brit Awards

    2012 Brit Awards
    Niall and the guys won Best British Single at the Brit Awards this year. They were very happy about this fact. They were not up for any more awards than the one that they won.
  • Up All Night Is Released

    Up All Night Is Released
    Their first album was released in the USA. It had been released a few months earlier, but they wanted time to make music before coming to America. This album debuted at number one here.
  • Take Me Home Is Released

    Their second album, Take Me Home, was released in the USA on this day. It was released a day earlier in Ireland and the UK. This album was a little different from the other one, because One Direction said that they wanted to change it a little bit. Their fans really went crazy for this album.
  • Going to Ghana

    Going to Ghana
    They went to Africa for the charity Red Nose Day. They saw the hardships that the African people go through every day. Many videos were released, showing what they saw.
  • One Direction in Japan

    One Direction in Japan
    One Direction went to Japan for a couple concerts and film some of their 3D movie. They also recorded part of their One Way or Another video here. They had to wear masks, though.
  • Charity Single Released

    Charity Single Released
    Niall and the rest of the band decided to make a charity single for Red Nose Day. The video was released this day and millions of people watched it withing an hour. The video was very funny.
  • Take Me Home Tour Begins

    Take Me Home Tour Begins
    Their second world tour began. They started by playing two sold out shows in London at the O2 arena. The concert was very high energy and amazing. They will end up playing around 200 shows this year on the Take Me Home tour.
  • Brit Awards 2013

    Brit Awards 2013
    They went to the Brits, and were up for a few awards. They did not think that they were going to win any awards. One Direction actually won the Global Success awards this year.
  • One Direction 3D Movie!

    One Direction 3D Movie!
    Movie TrailerTheir movie will be coming into theater on this day. It will document their rise to fame and life on tour. They began recording this in Japan.