The Life of Micheal Jackson

By SH3104
  • Born

    Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana. At the time it was a place where the most common "jo" was drug dealing. As a result of that Michael and his siblings were oftain not allowed to play outside.
  • The Jackson Five

    The Jackson Five
    The Jackson five was the start to Micheals fame. He was the lead singer and after about a decade he broke off and started to do his own music. A couple of his brothers stayed in the music industry buth they never really made it big. Later on his sister followed in his footsetps and made it up the charts.
  • FIrst Solo Album

    FIrst Solo Album
    Off the wall was the first albumthat Michael Jackson relesed by himself as an artist. This album had songs like "Rock with you" and "Don't stop till you get enough". This was a big break throught in micheals career. The songs that were on this album were mostly classified as disco songs.
  • Thriller

    Thriller was a record breaker of an album. It won eight grammy awards, it also won album of the year in 1984. Another award the album won was The american music award, it won eight of those as well. This album has sold over fifthy million copys.
  • Bad

    Bad was another top notch albumn. Bad was the fist album to produce five number one hits! Ten of elevin songs were paired with a music video, which back then was ground breaking. The "Bad" world tour Is the mst successfulworld tour of all time!
    <a href='http://kearth101.cbslocal.com/2013/09/26/five-little-known-facts-about-michael-jacksons-bad-album/' >Michael Jackson
  • Dangerous

    This album also has some interesting facts. In this album there were nine singles made,out of only fourteen on the album. In the U.S. alone this album sold over seven million platnim copies. World wider this album has sold over a billion copies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_%28Michael_Jackson_album%29
  • History the past,Present and future (Book one)

    History the past,Present and future (Book one)
    This album was really a reftection ambum. This allwed him to go on a world tour again. It also allowed him to sing any one of his songs that had been previously recorded.This made it easier when he was on tour for his fans to request songs. Of course there were new songs on the album too like "Childhood", "History" and "Smile".
  • Prince Jackson

    Prince Jackson
    Prince Jackson is Michael Jackson first born son. His mother is Debbie Rowe, a friend of michaels. In an interview of michael and debbie rowe she said that Micheal wanted to be a father so badly. She decied to be a kind of sariget mother for him.
  • Blood on the dance floor

    Blood on the dance floor
    This album had been being rechorded for six years. As a result of that long time period it was an hour and fifteen minutes long. This album his number tweleve on the us hip-hop charts. This album sold one million eight hundres and twenty three thousand one hundres and sixty two world wide.
  • Paris Jackson

    Paris Jackson
    Paris Jackson is the firs born Daughter of Micheal Jackson. He mother is also debbie rowe. In an inter view micheal siad that she got her name form where she was concieved. Then he want on to say that debbie rowe afret her was done having children with him.
  • Invinciable

    Invinciablehad had only four singles on the album. This album became number one on elevin of the worlds top charts. It sold about three million copies world wide. There are sixteen songs on this album.
  • Prince Jackson the Second

    Prince Jackson the Second
    Prince Jackson the II or Blanket is the youngest son of Michael Jackson. His mother was a complete saraget mom who didn' know she was going to having Micheals child. He got his nick name blanket from his sibings, when he was brought home his sibling thought that their dad had just brought back a blanket and thankted him for it. Then later the relised that their was something in the blanket. Blanket was only seven years old when his dad died.
  • Died

    Michael Jackson due to a drug compication died when he was fifty years old. He left behind three children. His kids are now young adults, Prince 18, Paris 16 and Blanket (aka Prince the 2nd) 13. This left the Jackson kids to further raised wih their Grandmother, Katherine Jackson. This was a very sad day for the world as well as all of the famies loved ones.
  • Michael Jackson This is it

    Michael Jackson This is it
    Michael jackson this is it was the album/tour that Michael was working on before he died. After he died this was the album the worls listened to for a whole year. The entire world was let down by his death. This helped the world relise how much we truly loved Michael.
  • Michael

    This album had the song hold my hand on it. Hold my hand was a single that had come out in 2009 after Michaels death. They needed a place to put is an a few other songs that werent on the this is it list so they made another album for it and severl others.This was basically a fill in album for songs left behind.