The Life of John Adams

  • The French and Indian war

  • John Adams Birthdate

  • When Abigail Adams was born

    She was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
  • When John Adams went to Harvard

    John Adams was the first of his family to go to Harvard.
  • When John Adams graduated from Harvard

    John Adams spent 6 years in college. Unlike today were we only go 4 years.
  • When John Adams got married

    This is when John Adams married Abigal Smith.
  • John Quincey Adams was born

    This is when John Adams first son.
  • When John Adams was elected as comissioner as France.

    He was elected by congress.
  • John Quincey Adams went to University of Leiden

    John Quincey only went to college fo r 1 year.
  • Treaty of Paris signed

  • When constitution was signed

  • When first term started for John Adams

    This is when Adams first became president.
  • The XYZ affair

  • Sedition Act

  • Alien Act

    It was a series of acts passed by congress.
  • When John Adams term ended

  • When slavery became illegal

  • Louisiana Purchase

  • Abigail Adams death

  • When John Quincey Adams became president

  • Death Date

  • When John Quincey Adams died

    John Adams suffered a stroke while serving in the U.S House of Representitives.
  • When the civil war started

  • When civil war ended