The Life of Elise

  • My Birth!

    My Birth!
    Born in a remarkable 45 minutes, I weighed 10 pounds abd two ounces, and had the fattest cheeks in recorded history.
  • Moved from California to Flordia!

    Moved from California to Flordia!
    I moved from my birthplace (Clovis, California), to lovely tampa bay flordia!
  • Age two!

    Age two!
    At age two I was already defending Eternia and the secrets of Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor!
  • Moving again!

    Moving again!
    ...this time from Flordia, to Witchita KS.
  • Moving to Stillwater!

    Moving to Stillwater!
  • Piano!

    At age 9, I started my piano playing!
  • Photography!

    I discovered my love for photography!
  • Yellowstone National Park!

    Yellowstone National Park!
    I visited Yellowstone for my SIXTH time! I got some amazing photography!
  • Starting dance!

    Starting dance!
    My first year of dance and I took on advanced tap, lyrical, broadway, and hip-hop.
  • Starting Portfolio Art!

    Starting Portfolio Art!
    Starting portfolio was a pretty big deal, it's helped my artistic side grow incredibly too!