The Life of Callahan Myers

  • Birth

    Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Walking

    I started walking on January 1, 1998
  • First Teeth Clean

    When I was one I got enough teeth to brush them for the first time.
  • Talking

    I first started talking when I was two
  • Disney World

    I was three in 1999, and thats when i took my first trip to Disney World
  • Bike Riding

    My dad started teaching me how to ride a bike in May of 2001
  • First Grade

    First day of first grade at Westlawn Elementary
  • Volleyball

    I went to a volleyball camp at Milwaukee, and ended up winning an award for the most outgoing player.
  • Middle School

    Attending Webster Transitional in September for my first day of middle school when i wsa 12 years old
  • High School

    First day of 9th grade, high school in September
  • Track

    In my season of sophmore year track, I made varsity track running the sprints and relays.
  • Brothers Graduation

    In May this year my brother graduated from Marquette High school and went onto UWM for college
  • 16

    I turned 16 this year, and went to New York
  • Italy

    My family and I went on a vacation to Rome, Florence and Venice this summer for two weeks
  • New York

    In July this summer my dad took me to New York for my 16th birthday
  • Hefners

    This summer I got a job at Hefners.
  • Temps.

    Considering my parents didnt trust me to get my temps when I was 15, I ended up getting them when I was 16 this summer.
  • Cabin

    This summer my family and I went to our cabin