The Life of Brianna Filtz

  • Birth

    I was born at St. Mary's hospital on May 13th, 1998.
  • Walking

    I first learned how to walk when i was 18months old.
  • Stitches

    When I was learning how to ride my bike, I ran into a metal pole and cut open my chin. I had to get 12 stitches.
  • Magnum Died

    My first dog, Magnum, died when i was 7.
  • Waterskiing

    The first time I tried waterskiing was on the Fourth of July when I was 5 years old. I got up on my first try. Starter pair of skiis were wooden and nailed together. Learned on Tree Lakes in Rosholt.
  • Camper Summer

    The first summer we were building our cabin, we spent the summer living in a camper, because our cabin wasnt finished yet.
  • Building a Cabin

    We started building our cabin in the winter of 2006. It is located on Enterprise Lake in Elcho WI.
  • Horse Back Riding Camp

    When I was younger I used to do alot of horseback riding camps.
  • Getting a Phone

    FO rmy golden birthday i got my first cell phone.
  • Boater Saftey License

    I took the boater saftey course when I was 12.
  • Softball Allstar Game

    I was voted MVP of my softball team so I got to play in the Allstar game.
  • Student Council President

    I was voted Student Council President on Sept. 10 last year. President in 8th grade student council.
  • Minikani

    In the beginning of 8th grade went stayed overnight at Camp Minikani. Best part of 8th grade.
  • Memorial Day Service

    In 8th Grade we had a huge Memorial Day service where I got to skip a whole day of school to put up Flags in front of Webster.
  • Soccer MVP

    I was voted MVP of my soccer team for the second year in a row.
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    I completed Middle school on July 9th 2012.
  • Varsity Softball

    The summer of 8th grade i made the Varsity Softball team.
  • Freshman Orientation

    My very first day of Highschool.
  • Homecoming!!!

    Very first HOMECOMING is this Saturday!!!!