The life of Ann Fowles

By Bistre
  • Birth

    In truth, her actual birth date is unknown.
  • Tried at Old Bailey

    Tried and convicted for stealing clothing with a value of 56 shillings
  • Transported on The Lady Penrhyn

    She was sentenced to transportation for 7 years and left England on the Lady Penrhyn aged about 22 at that time (May 1787).
    She was transported with her four year old daughter
  • Stabbed by John Ruglass

    On January 1789 – John Ruglass, a man she cohabited with, was severely punished for stabbing her
  • Charged for stealing a shirt on Christmas Eve

    On 24th of Feb. 1789 – She was charged as Elizabeth Fowles for the theft of a shirt on Christmas Eve.
    Corporal James PLOWMAN was eventually charged and acquitted of this theft. Ann and her co-accused, Amelia LEVY, were eventually cleared of the charge. 
  • Found guilty for stealing clothing

    On 25th of June 1789 – She was found guilty of stealing clothing
    She was sentenced to receive 50 lashes, for three successive Thursdays,
    As well as to have her head shaved and forced to wear a canvas cap with the word thief on it.
  • Sent to Norfolk Island

    On the 4th of March 1790, she was sent to Norfolk Island and was again associated with John RUGLASS while there. 
  • Allowed hogs/pigs into a garden

    On the 27th of April 1790 she was punished, and made to receive 25 lashes for allowing hogs into a garden 
  • Abused a sentinel

    On 13th of Feb. 1789 – She received 25 lashes for abusing a sentinel 
  • Lashed for stealing and killing a hen

    On the 15th of February 1791, she received 75 lashes for stealing and killing a hen 
  • Worked as a housekeeper for John Holt

    In 1825 - Ann was listed as John HOLT's housekeeper at Campbelltown
  • Died in NSW, Sydney

    Ann died on the 17 November 1826, in NSW, Sydney.