The Life and Times of Brandon Dullea

  • Born

    When I was born Picture
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    The Life and Times of Brandon Dullea

  • Twin towers

    Twin towers
    That on this data a lot of people died cause planes crashed into the twin towers. Picture
  • Broken arm

    Broken arm
    When I broke my arm I was outside in the dark playing with my brother and my sister but I fell and hit my arm on a sment step and broke my arm I knew something wasnt right by they way my arm looked. Pictures
  • Dirt bike

    Dirt bike
    When I got my first dirt bike I was so happy because I always wanted one cause it looked fun and its what I wanted to do when I got earlyer. Pictures
  • Flood

    The flood of Cedar Rapids happen in 2008 when it flooded alot of people in the city house got flooded. Picture
  • Grandmothers death

    Grandmothers  death
    When my grandmother died I was suprised cause she was always happy and she never looked sick but she was 97 years old when she passed away. Picture
  • Baseball

    When I played for the Cedar Rapids Falcons and we went undfetted for our first year in single A. I think that we should give are thanks to Derek Q and his family for helping us win it in our first year. Picture
  • Motocross

    My first motocross race and I got 5th in it for my first time thats pretty good then I got first next race Picture
  • Oil Spill

    Oil Spill
    That one of the BP thing that drills oil broke and it got in the the ocean and alot of fisherman could go to work cause it was killing all the fish and bird that touch the water. Picture
  • Football

    My first year playing tackle football and first year playing for praire football team. Cause my friends wanted me to play cause they thought it would be fun to be on the same team for the whole year. Picture
  • earthqucks

    That their is alot of earthqauks that have happen alot this year Picture
  • Japen

    That a earthqauks and water flooded and alot of people died and lost their homes to it Picture