Anne frank diary

The Life and Times of Anne Frank

  • Anne Frank as a baby.

    Anne Frank as a baby.
    On June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt Germany to Otto and Edith Frank. She had one older sister named Margot.
  • German Workers

    German Workers
    The National socialist German Workers (Nazi) party begins it's rise to power. The Nazi's proclaim the superiority of the German " master race" and blame Jews for the German defeat in World War 1 and for the trouble economy.
  • Frank's leave Germany

    Frank's leave Germany
    The Frank's decide to leave Germany to escape Nazi persecution. While Mr. Frank look's for a new home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the rest of the family stays with relatives in Aachen, Germany.
  • Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler
    .The Nazi party leader, Adolf hitler, becomes chancelor (head fo the government) of Germany.
  • First Concentration Camp

    First Concentration Camp
    The first concentration camp is established by the Nazi's, at Dachau, Germany.
  • Law

    The Nazi's pass their first anti-Jewish law, banning the public employment of Jews.
  • Summer

    The van Pels family ( called the Van Daans in Anne's diary) flee Germany for the netherlands.
  • Fritz Pfeffer

    Fritz Pfeffer
    Fritz pfeffer ( called Albert Dussel in Anne's diary) flee Germany for the Netherlands.
  • Hiding

    The Franks go into hiding after Margot recieves an order to appear for deportation to a labor camp in Germany. The Van Pels family joins them one week later.
  • Eighth occupation

    Eighth occupation
    Fritz Pfeffer becomes the eighth occupant of the Secret Annex.
  • Diary

    Anne recieves a diary for her thirteenth birthday.