John feinstein last shot unabridged compact discs

The last shot

  • Event 1

    Event 1
    A group of people named "Stevie" Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson are attemping to win a contest of a fourteen and under United States Basketball Writing Association to see if they go to the college basketball event the fianl four.
  • Evemt 2

    Evemt 2
    They all worked long and hard on the essay so they can win the contest.
  • Event 3

    Event 3
    Gets a letter in the mail saying that they all have won the contest.
  • Event 4

    Event 4
    The mian character Stevie askes his dad if he could go with him to the final four.
  • Event 5

    Event 5
    His dad says he will go with him to the final four.
  • Event 6

    Event 6
    Stevie and everyone else packs up there things to be ready for the trip to New Orleans.
  • Event 7

    Event 7
    They all get there safely and get ready for the next day
  • Event 8

    Event 8
    They learn that a player named Chip was being told to throw the championship game or else his dad, the coach of MSU, would be fired.
  • Event 9

    Event 9
    They also find out that the teams wins for the season would be taken away from them.
  • Event 10

    Everyone including Chip work together to try to stop the man, before it was too late. "