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The last Juror Chapter 1

  • Location

    Clanton- Ford County - Mississippi-US
  • A murder of Rhoda Kassellaw

    A murder of Rhoda Kassellaw
    Rhoda was killed with a knife.
  • Danny's accident

    Danny's accident
    Danny drove away from Rhoda's house, h was running when an animal ran acros the road in front of him and his car left the road, turned over, then hit a tree. The police car was coming whe Danny Climbed out throuht a window.
  • Danny's arrest.

    Danny's arrest.
    Willie heard about Danny Padgitt at about midnight and went to the town jail. When he was outside, the police car arrived and Danny got out. There was blood on his clothes. Willie asked some questions, but the Sheriff didn't answer. (Danny lived outside Clanton, near the Big Brown River, whit his family. They were a bad family, and they usually stayed away from the town and the people stayed away from they).
  • Rhoda's house

    Rhoda's house
    Willie left the jail and drove to Rhoda's house, but didn't get so much information.
  • The witness

    The witness
    Mr. Deece found Rhoda, before she died, she spoke to him, "it was Danny Padgitt".
    Mr Deece called the hospital and the police.
  • Front page in newspaper.

    Front page in newspaper.
    Willie wrote his story for the ffront pae of the newspaper, and put a picture of Danny Padgitt between two policemen outside the jail. The people of Clanton talked about the Kassellaw murder in every café and bar in town.
  • Lunch with miss Callie

    Lunch with miss Callie
    Willie had a lunch every Thursday at the housse of Esau and Callie Ruffin.
    Miss Callie, as she was called in Clanton, reminded Willie that the Padgitts were dangerous people. (In 1970, black and whote people didn't live on same street. In Clantos, black people lived in Lowtown)
  • A gun for Willie

    A gun for Willie
    Harry Rex Vonner put a gun down on Willie desk, and ask "Do you have a gan?, You can have this one", this was an Smith an Wesson .38.
    Harry ask to Willie again "Can you use it?", Willie answered "I don't think I can".
    Harry said "Come to my house this evening and I'll Show you. I know these Padgitt, they're a dangerous family..." After this, Willie carried the gun every day, he leaved it in the car beacuse was too big for his jacket.
  • The Clanton's people waited for a trial

    The Clanton's people waited for a trial
    Danny was waitting in Clanton's jail for a trial.